Paladin Builds - The Auradin

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Apr 11, 2009
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Skill allotment:
  • Twenty points into Holy Freeze
  • Twenty points into Zeal, and its synergies
  • At least one point into charge
Stat allotment:
  • The required Strength and Dexterity to equip the items I will discuss next
  • Dump the rest into your vitality
  • One Dragon runeword body armor
  • One Hand of Justice runeword weapon
  • One Dream runeword helm
  • One Dream runeword shield
  • These are the requirements. I recommend you wear two Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band rings for two reasons; one, you will need the +50 to stamina, for you cannot use enigma in this build. Two, you will benefit from the ring's life steal properties.

    All other items should be chosen for these reasons:
  • To enhance your strength and vitality
  • To enhance your speed and stamina
  • To enhance your melee attack damage

    Follow it in that order!

Other items:

One of the most important part of the Auradin's gear is his charms. These can provide enough strength and dexterity so that he does not have to spend so much points on them.

Required Charms:
  • Paladin Hellfire Torch large charm, with plus twenty to attributes and resistances
  • Annihilus small charm, with plus twenty to attributes and resistances
  • Strength small charms
  • Dexterity small charms
  • The remaining room can be left bare or filled with resistance small charms (if needed), or vitality small charms

This is all that a player needs to build an excellent Auradin.

  • Always go into the dueling area with at least one projectile character (sorceress, amazon)
  • Assuming you duel in the Blood Moor of Act 1, make sure you have the Cold Plains waypoint, and create a town portal near the Blood Moor/Cold Plains border, to assure you can retrieve your body. And make sure you kill anything occupying the area
  • Never be a dick about your victories. If you provoke your opponent(s) too much, they may bring a character who has fire/lightning absorb maxed as well as fire/lightning resistances maxed. These players can kill you if you are not careful
  • Just remember that you are not invinsible. Because of your unique gear choices, your defense will not be the best it can be.
  • Always have someone with you who can stack your auras

How to stack an aura:
There are two concise methods to stacking your fire and lightning auras created by your gear. We will discuss both.

Method 1 - The Torch swap

The Torch swap only works if you do not depend on your Hellfire Torch to be able to wear your gear. You trade with a player (make sure you both have torches!!), you offer your torch, and you both accept. Do this repetivly (Over 100 times for best results).

The better way of doing this is by making sure you have a full inventory, or not enough room to carry something larger (e.g. Town Portal Tome). The player trades you the item that will not fit, and it works the same way.

What does this do?

Stacking an aura is whenever a trade is automatically declined, by inability to carry the item, or the unability to hold that item, whether you have one (torch) or the item is player-unique (some quest items).

You will hear your player say that he cannot carry that item, or he is overburdened, and a charging noise will be heard also (It is a mixture of the Holy Shock Aura and the Holy Fire Aura's skill sound when normally selected). If you trade fast though, you may not hear your paladin say anything, or the charge noice, but perhaps every third trade.

It is not necessary to exit the trade screen; you must use the same trade screen for every time you stack.
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