Overview hack website starcraft


i see some people say ddos about website starcraft hacking, i investigate all server of all website and here is the result if you can understand my bad english:

This site battlef: hosted at enom hosting is a nice basic account for little forum but the price of the host are ridiculous because you pay 30$ years for a domain name and at any other host is 5$ or free, for webmail on all other host is include free ( normal host) and at enom you pay 20$ more,, now is 50$ years for a 5$ or free stuff.. The hosting plan are 7,80$ month u not have so much bandwith, 7,80 are also too much for what you get,

BWH...: This website are hosted at intralinx and he have the wrost bad hosting company he get a very small bandwith limit, u sure he broke it every month if he not buy additional package this website are just down by limit break bandwith , 5 user refresh forum page can broke limit in 1 day, bwh have too much visitor for stay on this host if he stay he always down...

Zerogammm...: This website have a nice hosting service he get exactly what he nead and he buy it from a resseller of the great vortechhosting.com he can also past directly to vortechhosting and flush n8web resseller , this website have the best server on this list but hummm n8web resseller not sure go directly to the host your resseller use vortech, if u use directly vortech is fantastic.

ultimate-Fil: This website use Bananic hosting company is a 3$ month hosting is cheap but he better bwh and he paid for what he get but the server are very very slow because bananic host a LOTS website and the server on peek hours are very slow , he not get a lots bandwith but for 3$ is ok, if he get more ppl he can down and if just 1 wensite hosted on the bananic server are deffaced he can lost all data and not know from who and why , and is from another website on bananic server..


the top best server:

1- zerog
2- battlef (not bad but u paid too much)
3- ultim
4- bwh


bwh downtime reason: lots big signature image avartar wow is cool but this use more 65% bandwith website he can remove signature image and stay online without buy additional bandwith...


im not posting this for bitching website if one of this site be down i can give help


detail here:

considerate all use best package:

battle: spaces: 250mb
Bwidth : 20 gb
100 email
7,80$ (enom host)

ult: spaces : 800mb
bwidth : 15 gb
100 email
3$ ( pro package at bananic.com)

bwh: spaces 100 mb
bwith 2gb
5 email *RESTRICTED CGI-BIN limit*
20$ euros (if is from intralinx.net bc .com are down but if your name server down ur host very suck .net rediculous high price, .com down)

zero: spaces 1000mb
bwith 50 gb
7,95$ (if he deal directly to vortechhosting.com)

all this info can NOT EXACTLY TRUE i cant know what package this user have and he can buy from resseller but i add all pro package the company have from info inde whois data, for bwh and zero is not sure bc zero can also run on dedicated machine and bwh the real intralinx.com in whois are down i considerate .net are mirror.

(UPDATE): here is the info about the temporary server bwh have: He use hostdime.com that host have nice price and also dedicated server look very good on price plan BUT go in google search info about this host uptime,, OMG that server not nead to be dosing for down, search this 2 word in google: hostdime suck ........ after take any result u see u got it. here is one of them:

History of a website hosted by hostdime (email between customer and hostdime the temporary server bwh use):

Sorry for my absence. You, my loyal fans, deserve an explanation:

I’ve been at war with my previous hosting provider, HostDime. Basically, I signed up with them at the recommendation of a friend. He’s normally reliable, and he was generally right, that their feature set was unbeatable for the price.

He just failed to mention their repeated downtime.

Granted, even he admitted that their downtime was a relatively recent thing, but it got to be unbearable. It was random, sometimes for just a few moments at a time, sometimes for hours. They’d fail to announce their downtime in an email to their customers, and their tech support was noticibly absent during work hours, begging me to question if they didn’t all have day jobs, and just ran the company on the side.

Whatever the case, I’d just got back from seeing the Hulk movie and had some great and strange experiences to write about. I had started my blog entry earlier in the day, and just opened it up again and began adding to it, finishing up around 3:30AM, only to find that the network was down. No advance warning. Having just seen the Hulk a few hours earlier (and being generally rage prone anyway) I flew into a rage, rapidly typing a string of explitives into the AIM support guy, and sending the following email to tech support:


I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Geez, I don’t deserve a barrage of insults like this… This guy is nuts.”


Please call me at the number below to discuss. Failure to call me within 24 hours will result in me switching services, and me telling the world about your bad service whereever I ****ing can. Let’s resolve this peacably, ok?


-Rob Sama

This lead Manny, the owner of the company, to email me the following:

maybe if you read announcements you would know why it was down

Included in his email was a link to the HostDime message boards. He also sent me a separate email threatening to terminate my account. I quickly FTP’d into my account and downloaded everything, to find it had been turned off by the morning. I responded with the following:

Ummmm, where to begin here.

1) I don’t live on your support forums page. I suspect none of your other customers do either. You sent out an email notice less than 24 hours before you took the site down. It should be no surprise to you that these messages failed to reach your customers before they just discovered that the network was down again.

2) HostDime claims 99.9% uptime. Yet in my 2 1/2 months with the service, it has been down repeatedly. Sometimes for just brief intervals, like brownouts. Sometimes for longer. There is typically no explanation for these outages. It is extremely frustrating and irritating to attempt to maintain a constantly updated website under such circumstances.

3) It would appear that you have shut down my account. I am unclear why you did this. I have rented space from you for the month, and I have written you an email telling you of my intent to change providers, thus walking away from this dispute peaceably. The only purpose I can see here for locking up my account in this way is personal spite. I would like to inform you that should you refuse to unlock my account and allow me to download my remaining materials from the site so that I can move them, I will expect a refund of this month’s charges on my credit card. If you fail to do either, I will begin to report you to the better business bureau, and will probably file in small claims court, well, just for personal spite.

4) Your support system is typically broken. Sending email to support@hostdime.com often results in no reply, and no ticket being sent back. When I speak to your AIM tech support, they are either a) unresponsive b) snotty or c) wrong.

I am, as a result, dissatisfied with your service. I would, however, like to be civil in getting my account moved so that we can part ways nicely. Please turn my account back on, and cancel it at the end of the current billing cycle.


-Rob Sama

Manny responded with the following:

Where do you see 99.9%??

Your site was suspended for using vulgar language that is not tolerated.

Talking about civil? Look at your mouth stop being a hypocrite

You pay $4.00 a month go take it to claims court you will be sued for verbal abuse to us.

Your account will be backed up by us and zip to you within 24-48 hours even though you weren’t civil and mature with us we will do the right thing.

Ummm, I suppose it’s fair for him to terminate my account, but to think he’s going to be able to sue for verbal abuse is just ludicrous. I have given it much thought, and I am unclear how I am being a hypocrite. In the end, I guess he’s saying that I shouldn’t expect good service at $4/month. But it was Manny himself who claimed 99% uptime (granted, not 99.9%). In an email he sent to me on May 30th, in response to a far more polite complaint about the service:


it went down a few mins ago because of a reboot.

before that reboot it was down two times past week

before that no down time. we have so low prices and we think we give 99% uptime which we exceed.

So there it is. But all of this hassle and dispute caused me to go searching around the Internet, which is where I came across this, the Better Business Bureau report on HostDime. I guess I should be more careful in the future.


waw nice new host bwh



if anytime battleforums nead help and better host i can give you this for free:

50 000MB space
UNLIMITED bandwith
10 domain name
subdomain unlimited
email unlimited
forward unlimited
mail list UNLIMITED
CGI-BIN Unlimited
PHP Unlimited
Spam assasin
Cron Job
Direct Admin Panel
3 web-based panel script for login pop3 mail account include

uptime good i have 1 website on this dedicated server and give you this just give you a little part of the space im not used,

I have also a backup mirror dedicated server in another IP and data center if the server are down or trouble,

if you have trouble here i can host you for free u just paid your domain name 5$ years at any register you want.

here few info about the data center:

Failsafe Power Supply

The Network Operations Center currently has 800amps 480V (3200amps 110V) 3-Phase power currently available from PP&L. (Pennsylvania Power & Electric). The facility is currently backed up and protected by 150KVA Liebert. and 160KVA Powerware. 9135 facility-wide UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems, which feed PDI. & Liebert. PDU (Power Distribution Unit) systems. In a very rare case of utility outage, a Cummins. 250KW deisel generator starts automatically, taking over for the UPS systems and supplying all necessary power for the facility. The generator interfaces to the power grid thru an Asco. 7000 automatic transfer panel. The generator is powered by a 500 gallon fuel tank, capable of running without refueling for approximately 80 hours.

24x7x365 Monitoring

The Network Operations Center uses industry-standard SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and provides round-the-clock monitoring of all hardware, including routers, switches, UPS systems, and servers. The Network Operations Center also monitors power, environmental factors (such as temperature and humidity), generator status, and network connectivity. All critical services/ports can be monitored, including FTP, HTTP, SMTP, HTTPS, SSH, TELNET, and POP3. The NOC provides network monitoring of the Local Area Network, Internet connectivity (all routers, switches, and wiring), and the Internet backbone via MRTG. Close and constant communication with our upstream backbone providers ensures that our customers have constant access to high-performance Internet connections. Failure on any monitoring service results in audible alarms, LAN messages, and alerting the staff paging system.


The Network Operations Center utilizes ONLY top name brand hardware. The network is centered on a Cisco. GSR12000 Border Routers, and Cisco 7206VXR Core Routers, connecting via Gigabit Ethernet (1000mbps) to the Extreme. Summit. 5i & 4 primary switches. Hewlett Packard. Procurve. & Extreme. Summit. 24/48 managed switches comprise the power and stability of the network, operating at 100mbps switched ethernet speeds. Hardware utilized in the facility is comprised of name brands, including the following: Intel., Asus., Abit., AMD., 3Com., Hewlett Packard., Adaptec., Cisco., , Kingston., Micron., Crucial., IBM., Maxtor., Western-Digital., Seagate., Quantum., Dell., Realtec., & Belkin.. APC., Tripp-Lite., Powerware., & Liebert. UPS Systems provide the power backups, along with a Cummins. generator system. Facility monitoring is provided by a Panasonic. WD-500 Digital Video System over Sony. & Panasonic. CCTV cameras.


The network is connected via Gigabit Ethernet handoff(s) (1000mbps) on a redundant/dual-path OC48 (2048mbps) sonet-ring fiber-optic transport connection to Commonwealth Telephone. (CTSI.), NorthEast PA's 2nd largest Telco. Verizon. (Formerly Bell Atlantic PA) and PPL Telcom., (a sub-division of Pennsylvania Power & Electric. - PPL.) fiber is also available in the facility. The network currently connects BurstNET POPs (Points of Presence) in Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, & Philadelphia, with others to be completed shortly. BurstNET. transit is provided via Gigabit Ethernet (1000mbps) from Level3. (http://www.level3.com), Cogent. Communications (http://www.cogentco.com), BTN Access. (http://www.btnaccess.com), & Yipes!. Communications (http://www.yipes.com)(pending). For redundancy, BGP4 (border gateway routing protocol) is utilized to maintain the speed and uptime. If one backbone line goes down, it will balance the load to the other(s). If one line gets congested, it will load balance the traffic. The NOC is currently negotiating with major backbone providers to open POPs in the Scranton PA facility. Burst/HostNOC is currently the only major data center/co-lo facility within 60-75 miles of the Tier-3 Scranton/Wilkes-Barre PA USA Metro Area.


I don't know the specifics, but I'm pretty sure that battleforums costs more than 8 dollars to run and has a lot more than 20gigs of bandwidth and 250 megs of webspace.


exzapel said:
I don't know the specifics, but I'm pretty sure that battleforums costs more than 8 dollars to run and has a lot more than 20gigs of bandwidth and 250 megs of webspace.
he have registred for domain name at

here is the host plan at enom:



ISP : Abacus America
Organization : Abacus America
Location : US, United States
City : San Diego, CA 92121
Latitude : +32.901402
Longitude : -117.207901

Registration Service Provided By: NameCheap.com
Contact: support@NameCheap.com
Visit: http://www.namecheap.com/

Domain name: battleforums.com

Registrant Contact:
Michael Berstler (battleforums@mchsi.com)
Fax: +1.5555555555
840 Meadowmere
Marengo, IA 52301-1920

Administrative Contact:
Michael Berstler (battleforums@mchsi.com)
Fax: +1.5555555555
840 Meadowmere
Marengo, IA 52301-1920

Technical Contact:
Michael Berstler (battleforums@mchsi.com)
Fax: +1.5555555555
840 Meadowmere
Marengo, IA 52301-1920

Status: Locked

Name Servers:

Creation date: 28 Jul 2002 18:33:46
Expiration date: 28 Jul 2006 18:33:46

he registred for domain name at namecheap.com but YES is 7,80 at enom
theonly bad info is the domain name at enom for 30$ he not take it here.


verify the link or call the phone number in that post is your friend house if he give right number to registar



Oupsss i forget talk about xghost and i cant edit my last post i add section here:

Xghost use now a super great basic host, He can unlimited for 14,95$ is very good and is the best plan i see for ppl dont have $$ for buy costly dedicated server and have a big website BBBUTTTTTT this host is no good (see below)..

BUT he change always host because he DDosed and in TOS of this host you can read this:

Additionally, if your account(s) becomes the target of denial-of-service (DOS or DDOS) or other malicious attacks against the server, we reserve the right to end your service.

Hummm!!! ready for change host again?

The price is good the TOS is bad and i read on google a funny story about this host i quote for you here:


This is a conversation between me and my host.

Read it all!


Wednesday, July 13 2005 1:21pm

Could you please tell me why all of my sites are down?


Please reply ASAP,

admin (Wednesday, July 13 2005 6:18pm)
The main reason is that we registered illegal access to the backup-databases from your account in the logfiles. So we must expect that you tried to hack into the server. What would you like to say about this?

MH Support

--> http://www.meinhosting.com/tutorials/

Wednesday, July 13 2005 6:52pm

I installed phpmyadmin which then gave me access to every database, presumably because you are using the default mysql username and password. I did email you about this. I gave you these images:


I really hope you have backups of my accounts, I will also be expecting an apology! I told you about this about 2 weeks ago!!


admin (Wednesday, July 13 2005 9:25pm)
Dear Customer,

I can talked with security and they say we cannot allow your accounts on our servers. I am sorry.

MH Support

--> http://www.meinhosting.com/tutorials/

Wednesday, July 13 2005 9:32pm

Why not?

1) I told you about this security hole weeks ago
2) Why in God's name are you using the default mySQL username and pass?

As i've said, you better have backups!!


Thursday, July 14 2005 11:00am
Cat got your tongue?

Thursday, July 14 2005 8:20pm
Refund my money for this month, I will be leaving.

Friday, July 15 2005 10:40am
Refund my money or action will be taken!!

admin (Friday, July 15 2005 5:38pm)
Dear Customer,

we do not refund fee after the initial 7 trial-days.

MH Support

--> http://www.meinhosting.com/tutorials/

Friday, July 15 2005 5:56pm

Please give me access to my accounts so that I may backup the data that I need please.


admin (Friday, July 15 2005 8:11pm)
Dear Customer,

we cannot give you access again to any of our servers being a security-risk.
Anyway you can receive a full-backup of your data for 20GBP per domain:

MH Support

--> http://www.meinhosting.com/tutorials/

Friday, July 15 2005 8:15pm
No way! I am not paying you any more money.
I still legally have access to the server until my billed month is up.

And how is it a security risk? You are the ones who used the default mySQL username and password.
Stupid imbociles.

Give me access so that I can get backups before I take you to Trading Standards.


admin (Friday, July 15 2005 8:46pm)
You account has been cancelled for trying to hack into our servers. You even gave away data you had hacked at forums (msbetas.org). Your account will be terminated after 12h. If you decide to receive a data-backup, you may send the servicefee within 12h.

MH Support

Friday, July 15 2005 9:00pm

Let me make this clear. I have not 'hacked' your server at all. I simply installed phpMyAdmin, and you still have not answered my question:

Why are you using the default mySQL username and password?

Also, with the 'I even gave away data that I'd hacked you' nonsense, yes, I posted on MSBetas.org , and in case you didnt notice, the post was entitled "Oh my god! This is crazy!!"

Installing phpMyAdmin is not a crime and it is used widely for administering databases. The reason that I did not want to use the one built into the CPanel is that your CPanel loads extremely slow for me.

Please, just give me access to my files and databases and I will leave you and your company alone.

You may even delete the folder called /conquerh/public_html/phpmyadmin

I do not need write permissions, I just need to download my databases and some files. I dont even need all of the files.

Please believe me.


Friday, July 15 2005 10:53pm
Oh and I just posted another thread about you over at MSBetas.org , note the bottom bit.

You may see it here:


Best of luck with your court case,


LMAO using the deffault MYSQUL username and password are very very very very very stupid you sure you are hacked a lots and your whole server root is hacked and compromise by every hacker have target your IP randomly.

This host have good price but for this thing you sure you can be hacked by any low knowledge hacker if you are hosted at meinhosting.com.

For xghost now is a risk of the ddos change for a real hacking data access he get the whole server mysql library access. This become a free open public root server is same if you post message hey geez dude my root password is: demo comming here hacker. lol


here another short quote from another thread:

i used to have a reseller with meinhosting.com

there absolute crap

overloaded and slow servers

then i tht fsk it and i bought a dedicated server with awshosting.com and now everythign is fine sisnce then


If can be easy ddosed and the host dorectly cancel the account OR the guy can directly hack the whole root server by mysql deamon and directly destroy the site in the 2 case the website will be down again if the hacker attack it.

good price,, crap security

EDIT: 15 minutes after i post this message he hacked and deleted.


hey hey im back for a update:

ghozt have updated on a dedicated server on a great host i dont think he be ddosed again ...

im away because i have huge work this time..

je sais tous ceci a cause cest mon travaille depuis un bon bout de temp et ne crois pas le 16 a coter de mon nick dit 16 ans lol


Bon bein, je suis revenu du quebec pour paques.

je sais tous ceci a cause cest mon travaille depuis un bon bout de temp et ne crois pas le 16 a coter de mon nick dit 16 ans lol
Ce n'etait pas ce que je pensais.