Opinions on forum colors?


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hey all,

First off, welcome everyone from mewgood (the best diablo site on the web, might I add!). Hopefully these forums will grow fast. Anyways... what does everyone think of the forums colors? For those who don't know, DiabloForums.com is a part of a network.... there ae 4 different forums.

- DiabloForums.com
- WarcraftForums.com
- StarcraftForums.com

... Each forum has a color to best represent it's game (Red for Diablo, Blue for Starcraft & Hunter Green for Warcraft). So...... what does everyone think of the colors? Suggestions?

Please feel free to critisize as much as you want :)


(PS) I'm still working on the main colors (battleforums) so plz, go easy on them :)
dont worry about it, skuzzy. we've been playing diablo for so long the radiation from the screen has fried our nerves and the only colors we recognize are blue, yellow, and unique...err gold. anyways, keep up the good work.


How can you get ip addresses?

How do can i get ip addresses?


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Lol, this has gotta be one of the oldest threads still active on the forums. It was posted 4 days after SkuZZy set this site up, and has been getting replies every once in awhile still.

Make the forums Christmas colors eh? Heh, have you been to the StarCraft-2 forums? That's exactly what they did :p


j/k ;)