No Protoss ever

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lol just as planned
Went through the single player campaign again. Then i realized. i have no idea how to play protoss. so besides mass zelots and dragoons waht else do i do with them


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I usually mass scouts, they don't cost too much, and they are quickly built, and only need a certain number of upgrades to own.


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PvT: goon/zealot into carriers(or arbs) The occasional dt/ht/reaver drops are nice, too. Sometimes I can get away with fast expanding vs terran(especially if he fast expands himself), but can be dangerous so be careful.

PvZ: FE sair/reaver into carrier.
Sair/Dt into expo and play from there.
Quick tech to templars/archons.
I feel fast expanding is best vs zerg.

I have no idea how to play pvp. I played tvp instead. It helps to understand pvt better.


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I mix zealots/goons with some scouts/carriers and if I have the resources I go into the archon realm.