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I'm going to be working on a new picture thread and it should be completed by the weekend. Those of you who want your picture in that thread, you need to post the picture you want displayed first (in the Click here! Hyper link, or a thumbnail, haven't decided yet.) and any others will be hyper linked by numbers (1, 2, 3, etc) with a total of 5 extra pictures and your 'main' picture. :dance

So, post as follows if you want your picture in the new thread:

1. The Main Picture. Then after, any others. (Try to use hyper links so the thread doesn't cave in from thousands of pictures).
2. A special saying or quote by you or someone else that you hold some significance to. Can be anything as long as it's not longer then two sentences.

Here's what mines going to look like, for an example:

Darkmatter - Click here! 1

How many 'extra' pictures you want is up to you, you can have 0 to 5, purely your choice. So post away with the above format or just post your desired pictures in that order (The default one, then extra) and I'll do the rest. Thanks guys. :)


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Me Looking Pimp in Hawaii.


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Ok we have some beautiful members.


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This is the last time I'm submitting pictures :([/glow]


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Haha, I don't think you could be any more cliche.