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Hi guys, I just found out about this forum through a site that aggregates gaming forums.

It looks like there is a good community here, I look forward to contributing.
As for me: I am an all-around-gamer. I play pretty much every genre of game there is.

The current games I'm playing (or my favorite games) of each genre are:
FPS: Counter Strike Source
RTS: Starcraft 2
MOBA: League of Legends
MMO: Eve Online
Dungeon Crawler: Diablo III
RPG: TES - Skyrim

I love discussing games and I think I'll have a good time participating on this forum. I'm glad to be here.


It's great to have you here Sargento, I hope that you enjoy your stay. Also, I hope to see you all around the forums and making conversation with you in some topics. :)