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--NE General Strategy--

General NE Strategy


-When your making units from AoW, AoL, AoWind, or even chim roost, always rally them to the heros.
-Hero control is Vital.
-Always have at least 5 or more wisps gathering wood.
-Always, look at food, and make moon wells whenever necessary.
-Remember, 1 Ancient of protector is MUST needed in every game that you play. (heat seeking missile owns)
-NE without Harassing is like Lion without teeths.
-Shadowmeld!!! Great ability, too bad its only usable at night, just hide your units when it goes to ornage health bar!
-Moonwell upgrade = do it whenever you hit tier 3, it will help you alot.
-Dont forget about healing pots.
-Try to FF (focus fire) on heavy melees/air with your ranged units, like Dyrads, and Archers.
-Dont forget about expanding your base... you never know when your goldmine runs out when you're too concentrated in microing.

-----Build order/Heros and Units-----

***EDIT: edited because its horrible

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--Hero Strat (NE HEROES)--

-----HEROS FOR NE-----

Demon Hunter
Recommended if you have REALLY good hero control and you are sure that you wont let him die in the game. Also, when your fighting with human... learn mana burn in lvl 1 and what you should do is keep on mana burning their heros in their base as soon as ur hero comes out, and in your base, make 3 archers at first, and about 6 huntresses. This will prevent humans' heroes from creeping, as well as using call to arms. Also, with those huntresses and archers, surrround human's base at night, so taht they cant get out. Without creep = Humans heroes, archmage, mk, pally, or blood mage, are extremely weak and easy to kill.

Here is order of skills you should learn:
lvl 1) Manaburn
lvl 2) Evasion
lvl 3) Manaburn
lvl 4) Evasion
lvl 5) Manaburn
lvl 6) Metamorphosis (by lvl 6.. .you can attack other's base.. you'll own :p)
lvl 7) vasion
lvl 8~10) Immo

Items: All Tanking items (+life, +Agility, +Armor) Healing Potions, and Boots of speed.

Pros about DH:
-Great tanker with 30% evasion
-Mana burn basically burns all heroes, especially annoying to MK, Paladin, DK, Warden, All heros for orc, Dread lord, Crypt lord... oh wait, I should just say every heros in the game :)
-Metamorphosis = great building killer, and just giving DH range of 600... :). Also, attack is Chaos type, which is why DH turns into 'building killer', along with his splash! :)
-He has fast moving speed and attack speed in the end. Give him speed boots if you want, this will make him almost invincible if you control him well. With fast moving speed, DH can run out of the battle fast and quick. Also, his fast movement is advantage in Hero Rush.
-His high armor is sometimes considerably better than high life.

Cons about DH:
-Once he is surrounded, he doesnt have any spells like thunder clap or war stomp to get himself out of there. Only Immolition, which does 30 dmg per second in lvl 3.
-If he is second or third hero, he is useless, unlike other heros in the game.
-He has little life for being one of the few tankers in NE, so you may either get him +life items, or just have decent micro to keep him alive =/ and Healing potions as always.


Heres order of skills for Warden:
lvl 1) FoK
lvl 2) Blink
lvl 3) FoK
lvl 4) Blink
lvl 5) FoK
lvl 6) Veangeance
lvl 7) Blink
lvl 8~10) SS

*You can also go SS, Blink etc, or SS, FoK, SS for hero killing, FoK for army rippin' :)

Items: Samething as DH.

Pros about Warden:
-blink (or teleport) out of the battle! One of best skill for heros in the game!
-Shadow Strike is so good against heros, use it on them to slow them down in movement AND attack speed! :D
-Vengeance can be known as another hero, because of spell immunity, and such a high life! Also ranged too! and makes invincible avatar out of corpse! I would say Warden is better than DH in lvl 6, because of Veangeance.
-Warden can hide, so hit and run strat applies for her.
-She has fast moving speed and attack speed in the end.If you control her well with blink, she can ezly do hero rush, which is advantage in Hero Rush.

Cons about Warden:
-Easy to be kill in beginning of the game, when she doesnt have blink.
-Her stats are lower than DH by 1 or 2, which doesnt make her very good tanker.
-She has to have at least 1 pot every time she goes creeping, jus in case enemy stabs u from the back.
-She doesnt have 30% evasion >.<

Keeper of the Grove
KotG is very useful hero with annoying spells, thorn aura, entangle and Force of Nature

Heres order of skills you should learn:
lvl 1) Entangle (Hero Rush or 2nd Hero)
lvl 2) Force of Nature/Thorn Aura
lvl 3) Entangle
lvl 4) Force of Nature/Thorn Aura
lvl 5) Entangle
lvl 6) Tranquility
lvl 7) Force of Nature/Thorn Aura
lvl 8) Force of Nature/Thorn Aura
lvl 9) Force of Nature/Thorn Aura

As you can see above, i did it like that because learning skills for KotG depends on the race ur fighting.

Humans: Entangle and FoN
Orcs: Entangle and Thorn Aura (if enemy is coming with grunts) if not, Entangle and Force of Nature
UD: Entangle and Force of Nature if not, entangle and Thorn Aura
NE: Entangle and Force of Nature

Items: Boots of Speed (run up to enemy and entangle to start the battle), any aura items, +life items and +intelligence items.

Pros about KotG:
-Entangle!! Use it on workers in Hero Rush! Very Effective!
-Thorn Aura jus dispells UD's Vamp aura almost
-Force of Nature is very useful! adds 4 more sort of 'Superior-Militias' in your army.
-Tranquility lets you heal, fast

Cons about KotG:
-Low life.
-Nuke = GG KOTG

Priestess of the Moon
Her Trueshot aura is truely for NE (Key for NE units, most of them anyways...)

Heres order of skills to learn:
lvl 1) Trueshot Aura(Creep/For Army)/Searing Arrow(Rush/AntiRush)/Scout(For 3rd Hero - FFA)
lvl 2) Trueshot Aura/Searing Arrow
lvl 3) Trueshot Aura/Searing Arrow
lvl 4) Trueshot Aura/Searing Arrow
lvl 5) Trueshot Aura/Searing Arrow
lvl 6) StarFall
lvl 7) Trueshot Aura/Searing Arrow
lvl 8) Scout (If FFA,Trueshot Aura/Searing Arrow)
lvl 9) Scout
lvl 10) Scout

Why scout? Scout is awesome for FFA (especially) and Solo game. It gives vision of enemy, if you find enemy's army, just let SCOUT to follow heroes, and you see what they are doing. They can't even kill that Scout anyways :D

Using scout, you can see what they are doing, let say they are creeping, then you can attack them to mass murder their army!

Also Priestess of the Moon can be used to kill heroes really easily. Searing arrow can do 30 damage extra when she is in level 3

If you give her all the +Agility items and +Attack weapons, it is possible to make her damage upto/over 100 damage.

Priestess of the Moon's ITEM!
- gloves of haste
- +Agility items(Left overs from Demon hunter!)
- +Attack weapons
- Sobi Mask (Searing Arrow costs mana too much)
- +Mana item (Left over from Keeper of the Grove).

If you choose to do mass archer, choose Priestess of the moon as first or second hero. (First hero for Demon hunter is recommended, so he can tank.)

When PotM becomes lvl 6, you own the game now. Learn starfall, and attack (buy potion of invulerable and healing potions). Go deep into the enemy's base/army (PotM only) and use potion of invulerable and then use Starfall. Then, you pretty much win the game. (Note: Bring your army, of course!)

- Good for mass archer, and range units
- HUGE DAMAGE (possible with items)
- Scout

- Somewhat low hp
- Searing arrow costs too much mana
- Somewhat slow attack speed for agility hero! (so.. Glove of Haste!)

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--Neutral Hero Section--

Pandaren BrewMaster
One of best hero against UD, druken hazed Gargs = GG

Heres order of skills to learn:
lvl 1) Drunken haze
lvl 2) breath of fire
lvl 3) druken haze
lvl 4) breath of fire
lvl 5) druken haze
lvl 6) Storm Earth and Fire
lvl 7) breath of fire
lvl 8~10) bruken *****er

You may ask, 'why not learn druken *****er, where you can have both critical and evasion, like DH?' well, in this case, killing off mass units or giving them Druken haze, is better than giving your hero some evasion. Besides, you can micro him out of the battle ^^;

Pros about Panda BrewMaster:
-His drunken Haze + Breath of fire is jus so awesome. Kills/hurts off massive units badly.
-Jus using his druken haze is jus like learning Druken *****er, targetted units will have 65% miss chances. Also, can be used for hero killing when enemy's hero is running away (50% reduced movement speed!)
-His druken *****er comes in a package that contains 2 things: critical strike and evasion!
-With good timing, by using his ult skill when his life is at about 20, will drive your enemy nuts. All of three Earth, Storm and Fire will ahve full life.

Cons about Panda BrewMaster:
-Unlike DH and warden, his movement speed is average >.< along with his attack speed.
-His armor is low, so pot is must needed.

Dark Ranger
I use her against Orcs =) good hero I'd say, useful as 3rd hero in most games, butI use her as 2nd hero in orc games.

Heres order of skills to learn:
lvl 1) Black Arrow
lvl 2) Silence
lvl 3) Black Arrow
lvl 4) Silence
lvl 5) Black Arrow
lvl 6) charm
lvl 7) Silence
lvl 8~10) Life Drain

Consider this, Life Drain = not too bad spell, but useless i'd say, when there is Black arrow and Silence to learn!

Pros about Dark Ranger:
-Silence will pwnxxors teh casters
-Black Arrow adds decent tanking unit to your army
-Charm, with it u can get loads of Frost Wyrms! all units in All races, except MG.

Cons about Dark Ranger:
-She is only used for her Silence and Black Arrow, no other reasons.
-Low Hp (easily killed)
-Slow attack speed (for agility hero, shes damn slow)

Which heros I prefer in games:

vs NE: POTM only, but Warden with SS in special occasions.
vs Orc: DH + Kotg/Naga sea witch
vs HU: DH + KOTG
vs UD: Warden + Panda

Its all up to you really, thats just my 2 cents in games.

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