My first time with Human (replay)


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Hey guys, this was my first time using do u think i did?

Can you give me some tips perhaps?

i placed on the attachment


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I apologize for the lack of responses. I have been busy with other things.

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yeah chris... that wasnt really a response.....

i played WC3 once, it was hard, i played orc and it seemed easier


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You my friend need to learn what Dragonhawks are and thier power. With Cloud, you could have quickly sacked the first and second bases more faster, and have less wyverns to worry about.

You also could have teched faster after you built your second rax. And you should build farms so they are walling your towers a bit.

Other than that, and the fact you beat the stuffing out of a bad wyvern masser, you did pretty well. I would say there is promise for you yet, once you learn to speed things up, get a shop and start microing.

Also, if you are not sure what is ahead of you, reasearch Flare from the Workshop and use that to scout ahead. Mortar Teams use it. You could have saved a few units if you did that.


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The strategy was verall gud really though there some minor flws there such as....
You couldve build tanks

DO NOT underestimate da capacity of footies vs piercing If u just upgraded defend then poof dey will bcome GREAT meatshields (wyverns are piercing towers r piercing)!! What Chris said GEt dragonhawks!!
and finally ur lack of gettin a 2nd base...