Murder Mystery #1


Jan 23, 2003
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This is to make some variety on the threads...too much KOE!!!

This rpg was made by me...what you need to do is solve the murder mystery to what i have down as the way to solve it. you must take part as a detective and ask the witnesses and suspects. As of now, i will only be playing role of game master(x_X) where i take control of all the npc's and dont play. but, i would appreciate it if somone like final warrior or tactius would pm me so i dont have to do all the npc work and stay online a LOT to play npc. ok let me give you the info so that you can start.

Place: A middle school in a suburb
Victem: William Ellis
Witnesses: Tim Slate, Michael Danny, Christopher Lewis, Terry Collins, Tracy Oscar, Melissa McFarnam.
All witnesses in this mystery are NOT suspects.
Suspects: Antoino Bennet, Dale Richards, Linda Manson, Mike Aune
(you will be given little information about the suspects. only a bit about the witnesses as well, you have to ask :))

General info

Name: william ellis
Job: Janitor at the middle school
Time of Death: 3:40 pm to 4:30 pm (a little after school started)
Appearance: Muddy Pants, Toolbelt, regular custodial shirt, blood covering body.
Murder weapon: A stabbing weapon. There was NO gun used or bugeoning. but all we know is the weapon was a stabbing weapon and no murder weapon has been found. (it may OR may not be found either)


Name: Tim Slate
Job: Student at the middleschool

Name: Michael Danny
Job: Another Janitor, first to find body

Name: Christopher Lewis
Job: Vice Principle

Name: Terry Collins
Job: Physical Education teacher

Name: Tracy Oscar
Job: Student at the middleschool

Name: Melissa McFarlan
Job: Yard duty/supervisor


Name:Antonio Bennet
Job: Head Custodian

Name: Dale Richards
Job: Parent Of Student

Name: Linda Manson
Job: Yard Duty/supervisor

Name: Mike Aune
Job: Journalist (reporting on school)

well i think that is enough information to start. Start off by asking questions around.

Final Warrior

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Nov 9, 2002
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In you, of course.
Wow... I've become a respected figure in the world of BF RPGing... I never thought this day would come...

I'd love to help out with GMing, but I don't have all that much time (only about two hours after 4 PM Pacific, depending on whether or not I have homework.). PM me with details if you want me to GM. However, my primary duties are to my RPGs, so don't expect me to be camping this thread.


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