Map on Starcraft 64


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Does anybody know where I can get the unlockable map on the Starcraft 64 game on N64 and converted into a scx. format? I really want that map. If you can help please do.

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nice dubble post, any way is that even possible?

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You would have to first deturman if it even reads the data the same It might be impossable without reconstructing the map compleatly. (i have no idea what map your refering to)

Yeah SC64 sucks but i was quite supprized at how not difficult the controls were.


It may be possible if you can find a ROM of the game. I'd be highly surprised if they totally changed their map format just for a conversion to N64.

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I have-Personally I think it should go to hell. Good, I hate how the scv's keep atomaticly mining the minerals. I build like 50 of em, and I can never find them


i could find a romf or ya, i already have many n64 rom games that are playable on my comp through the emulator "Project 64".

Heres the site i use, it includes a MASSIVE amount of roms..
(priv message me for link)

heres the link for the english version(or should be) of the starcraft n64.
(Priv message me for link)

(Download acceleratior will not work, nor a few other downloaders, use Opera, IE 6, getright).

I'd think you could infact put the data from rom to pc. But it will be in .scm not .scx. And most likly 1.04 version or lower. Hopefully n64 n pc's version of starcraft share near the same engine so they read know.....Maybe beta 57 format was used for n64 maps. I mean, n64 is crappy and beta 57 is crappy. Hell they go togeather! You can try ~_~, or you could just create the map from scratch, even though that would be very hard.

I have an extra question...
What was that N64 maps name, someone may have already converted it...


i dont get how your going to even get your n64 game connected to your computer.... and i doubt theres even a way to convert the game. Unless you recreate the game or email blizzard to see if they can give it to you somehow.


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The only way I see this happening is if you just recreate the maps using the StarCraft Campaign Editor. Maybe if you can find a ROM.
Just redo the map yourself, go into the SC64, get the unlockable map, and scroll around it slowly while you re-create it on the computer. (Just make sure your opponent doesn't own you in the meantime.
Actaully Apple there are ways to connect the n64 to the coomputer. I only remmeber this because of the time when I was seeing how to get the Starcraft cheats (you have to earn them, and u cant beat levels with them that will count, so i couldnt cheat :)). I went to cheatcc, and they have saves for n64 games. Go to scroll down to n64 and click on saved game files. You require accessories called Dex Drive, or Sharklink. Search ebay for them, if you want it bad enough.


Actually you dont NEED, to make the n64 to connect to your computer. Called, "Get Emulator". Get Starcraft 64 rom. Boom bag you can play Sc64 on your comp.

Its free :).
Im not sure if Sc64 is protected by both laws making it illegal to download, yet somegames are only protected by 1, allowing you do download it ONLY if you own it. (Most sites have you click on an agree thing).

Yet of course, its not like they will really come to your house and ask to see the roms you dled. Its not like you have to give your address ;). Then again its not like they couldn't track you.
You would have to know how to decode the rom, then assuming the data structure was the same old MPQ, you just go through the map data section by section and compare and contrast to figure out how it works and how to convert it (if needed). That of course is a slight over-abbreviation of the process. ;)

It'd be more trouble than it's worth, if you ask me.


Well im no programmer so I cant even begin to imagine the work you would have to go through...


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This may be a good guess: take a screen of the mapwith nothing moving or typing then use Vanguard's thingy to make that map

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That would more difficult than reconstructing the terrain by scratch, Far more difficult actually. You clearly have no idea how BMP2SCM works.

Edit: actually now that i think about it I think i could reconstruct the map 4 times over quicker than i could get a screen shot to become the map.

To give you an idea of how difficult that would be you would first take the screen shot (duh). Now you got to realize that bmp to scm takes only 128x128 maps, If you want larger or something you should make seperate maps and join them together with SF's custom brushes. So the first step would be to resize the map to 128x128 pixels. (about the size of the avatars). then from the first image you would have to make a list of every single tile on the map, manually find them in Starforges master brush pallet, caluculate the tile number, then list them. If thats not enouth then you would have to change every pixel in the image to a specific color (same tiles same colors). You would have to change 16384 pixels for a 128x128 map and then match them all to the tiles you chose. See a pain in the ass.