Map Editor for Mac?


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In searching for information on this, all I can find are old old references. Is it still a hopeless situation? Shall I never be able to make maps? Or does anyone here know of a map editor that will run on OS 10.4?


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I think there is one out there but good luck, as I remember it was pretty buggy and didn't even open half the time.

I have an Intel Mac so I just boot up my windows partition in a virtual machine.


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If this doesn't work, then you're basically screwed. Or somebody else must upload a copy for StarEdit OS version.

Meh, just buy an old pc somewhere for 10 dollars or so. Windows 95 is abandonware now, so use that for free. It should run the old game just fine, and you can run the editor. Better then to mess with your Mac and use emulators and stuff. And if you are unwillingly to pay a tenner for this, then you do not really want it. Trust me.