Lost City (complete with download)

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Lost City
A production for SEN winter map making contest
Created by T-Virus(U) and ETEFT(U)

Map Download:
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Staredit Network » DLDB

December 9, 1994
Reports of City Point Hope in Alaska being abandoned. The town has not be in contact with anyone outside the city for atleast 48 hours.
December 10, 1994
A small group of soldiers were sent to Point Hope. Two hours have passed and we have not received word from them. We fear that they have been injured or their equipment has been damaged.
December 11, 1994
Plans of four Senior Marines have been assigned to Project: White Snow. The documents inscribed are top secret.

Mission Briefing:
You and four others have specifically been picked to go to Alaska, Point Hope and investigate what has happened. Only thing we know is on December 9 they sent distress signals. December 10 we sent a small team of untrained soldiers and we have not heard from them since than. You are trained for any situation possible. Do not hesitate to fire your weapons, but do not hurt any civilians. You are dismissed.

Game play:

You have the opportunity to choose between two weapons, an assault rifle or a powerful shotgun.

1. Inventory; carry / use items.
2. Puzzles; tones of mysteries waiting to be solved.
3. Multiple Cinimatics; adding depth to the story line.
4. Re-used terrain; many areas you initial start in you will go back to.
5. Enemy AI; fighting bosses that have their own special abilities.
6. Upgrades; body armor and better ammo.


Don't forget to let me know what you think!


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Thanks, i hope you enjoy it. Please leave some feedback and vote up top.

EDIT: i just realized you had something about left4dead in your signature. Me and ETEFT(U) are currently working on a project that will replicate the campaign for Left4dead. We have just started it, so it will be awhile before it's released. =P


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I was playing the map last night, and after losing 2 people (One lagged out, the other didn't know Cigarettes healed him), it was just me and one other guy. We seemed to have a bit of trouble killing off the planes without getting overrun, and having to retreat pretty often. Is the campaign's difficulty primarily designed for 4 people?

I haven't really played enough of it to rate it on your poll yet, but I really did enjoy what I got through. It was different from most of the other maps out there... a *good* kind of different.

My only real complaint however was the neverending wind .wav file that loops though. If there were maybe a way of either allowing for the player to turn it off, or turn it off after you leave the very first zone you start in, it would make it much more enjoyable. I hate having to ctrl+s sound off so I don't go crazy trying to enjoy the map. :)

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lol just as planned
seems interesting ill check it out hopefully when i can get some one to play UMS with me...


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I'll play it with you two when I get home today 11:20 is when I get out of class, prolly earlier given its first day. Thats 2:20 EST.


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My other main gripe I guess is that Marines seem a bit underpowered. Their range blows, and usually they get hit at least once before killing anything. Their +50 hp doesn't seem to make up for the extra damage they take. Are they meant to get all the armor upgrades while the Ghosts get the weapon upgrades? Or are there units later on that a Ghost Rifle doesn't do shit against? I've only got up to the part where you have to kill the downed aircraft before everyone else in the game gets swarmed and killed. Despite how many times I tell them to stick to-fucking-gether.


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The map was designed to be played with 4 players. The difficulty of the map requires teamwork in order to be able to successfully beat a lot of the missions. I think you will be rather impressed when you make it to the first boss, the crashed ship mission was right before it. A little bit of info on boss #1:
It's Charles, the little dog you saw in the introduction. Well this time hes an ultralisk and as he chases you, if you are shooting him from a distance is ranged attack is lurker spikes. If you do make it to the boss i hope you'll let him attack you with his melee weapon, rather than just lurker spikes, so you can see the little special effects i added.

Marines shoot faster, thats about it. Their range is always going to be less, theres no way of avoiding that. Thats the price you pay for picking a rine over the sniper. One thing i've found is that the map is easier to use with a sniper. However, a possible team of 3 snipers and one Rine would probably be the best combination. Think of it like this, the rine adds more difficulty to the map; So for players that beat the game with the sniper rifle, they can actually challenge themselves more by going back and trying to beat it with a marine. :)

I appreciate the feedback, and i hope the rest of the posters will leave some too! Don't forget to vote in the poll guys.

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lol just as planned
this is off topic but us (u)bolt head still alive?