Just some editors for starcraft

Good map editor with 5 different modes, that a lot of people seem to use. Has P12 triggers, hidden units, the usual. Recommended, although quite large in size. A pimped up version of the other map editors.
GUEdit 3.6a - Req. File [5.85MB][ 4243 - 2652 downloads]
ISOM [310KB][ 1328 downloads]
Map Colors [5.22KB][ 1024 downloads]
MPQ Viewer [154KB][ 711 downloads]
SC X-tra v2.6 [5.46MB][ 1382 downloads]
SCM to JPEG [172KB][ 437 downloads]
SCM Draft [644KB][ 183 downloads]
SCEP2 [457KB][ 3267 downloads]

just go to tricksinstuff.com my comps messed up so i have to do this



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You really didn't need to make a thread on this, but oh well big deal your first post be proud of it
{sarcastic} O WOW!! THATS, LIKE, SOOOOO COOOL!!!

I have never heard of SCXE before, thank a milion man, your a lifesaver:) Thats the neatest thing I have ever just fiound out!! {/sarcastic}
SCXE is all you need to make a map.

But for protecting it you need guedit. Also, to stack minerals you need SCMdraft

....This belongs in UMS section...
It would be fine, except for that stupid unprotector and those fags who steal maps instead of making their own..

Grrrrrrrrrrr.............they make me mad *gets mad*


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Just use the 1.00 version of Starforge if you can get it.


You basically just summed up this thread: http://www.battleforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=15582
I thank you for taking the time to help people. But you should kind of looked there first. Especially this post:

Master Virus's Original Good-Bye Thread​

Winzip extracts .zip format. You need this to unzip most of the files below. Winzip is one of the best unziping utility out there!​

Winrar extracts .rar format. Winrar is the only utility I know that can extracts .rar files. I think Winace can extract .rar files, too.​

Winace extracts .ace format. You don't need this to extract any of the files below. This program works really well for compressing files.​

Starcraft X-tra Editor version 2.5
This program has 5 different staredit modes. Classic, P12, Base, Alternative, and Special. Each mode has different purposes. Special mode can allow you to place units basically anywhere. However, none of the modes can allow you to stack units and other stuff. It has a built in color tool. It lets you have instant upgrade. Allows up to 255 upgrades. Basically the best staredit program out there.​

Starcraft X-tra Editor version 2.6
Just a more advance version of Starcraft X-tra Editor 2.5. This version can be bad for you because the the trigger screen takes up the whole screen. You need to be under 1024 x 768 pixels to view the trigger screen.​

This program is basically an advance Staredit Program. It has features that Sc X-tra Editor doesn't have and doesn't have features that Sc X-tra Editor has. Most people use this program to Stack minerals and other stuff. Another useful feature it has is that it can create 1x1(Square) Terrain. Oh yeah, this ScmDraft:Alpha is under .zip format!

This program is almost like ScmDraft:Alpha but it's a little worse. It can still place Square terrain, but it won't show up on the map when you place Square terrain. To make it show up. Go to rectangle terrain and then just place 1 rectangle terrain anywhere. After you do that, it'll show up the square terrain that you have placed. You cannot place regular diamond terrain. If you do, a box will show up and show up numbers. If it does, just hold enter until the boxes don't appear anymore. This program can also let you put map revealers for a certain player all over the map in a few clicks.​

Guedit 3.6 Alpha
This nifty program can do a lot of nice stuff that every map maker needs. It can protect maps, set upgrades to instant, save triggers as text, create square and tweaky terrain, change the map terrain, and change player's colors.(can have all players to be black)​

This program is a very nice tool to use for maps but can be the hardest tool to get it to work. This has features that Guedit doesn't support and vise versa. ScmToolkit has a better protecting map system than Guedit. You can resize your map.(change it to 50x50 for all I care) You can move units around in your map, change player colors, edit the text you have in your map, and change players races.​

This program creates one of the hardest triggers in Staredit. Kills for cash. This program can create 100 triggers in a snap. You can create triggers that converts kills to minerals or gas.​

This utility lets you take a .jpeg of your map. Pretty nice tool because Blizzard doesn't allow you to take .jpegs of your maps. All you do is right click on a map and click on: make jpeg. But this program requires you to install with Winzip. If you didn't install this program with Winzip, then this program won't work.​


Player 12
This trigger provides all the possible conditions and actions that applies to Player 12. Player 12 owns all the neutral units and player 12 gets all units owned by a player who has left or has been dropped. You can use this trigger to give all the units to the human players, kill the units, give the player minerals for each dead unit, etc.​

This trigger makes the game go super fast. It takes off the 1 second wait for every trigger. If you have another trigger that has a wait action while you have the hyper trigger on your map, the hyper trigger will mess up your other wait action. To prevent this, move the hyper trigger to a computer player that has no wait triggers.​

Other Good Stuff

Starcraft slang/jargon/dictionary
This Thread has the complete, full lists of words that relate to Starcraft and Battle.net. If you keep seeing words that people use on battle.net and you don't know what they mean, look in the Thread.