Inventory exploit module


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Aug 28, 2002
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ok yea i know its very simple, i just started making modules today thanks to the sticky and my friend Han-Se who had vc++

this is very handy for magic finding, and this is what the module does:

type .invexploit stash to open stash from anywhere. the thing is, you CANNOT simply drop an item into the stash or take one from it, but you CAN switch items :)

type .invexploit cube to open cube (regardless if you even have the cube) you can put items into it directly but must switch the items from cursor to retrrieve them.

say you find a wf and have no room, just type .invexploit cube and you can set it in your cube (which should be in the stash)

have fun sorry its so basic but i dont know how to incorperate the block module

attachment waiting approval