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Jul 16, 2004
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The Infraction System is the system BattleForums uses in which to hand out punishments for members who break the rules. This FAQ will outline the basic punishments as well as the point system that they come with.


Warnings are simply that: warnings. It's a non-point infraction designed to give the poster who broke a rule an idea of what he/she is doing wrong and how to correct it.

Warning Points are received whenever you get an official infraction (not a warning one). They show the punishment level of your warning (with 1 point being something small, and higher point values being something severe) and do expire within a set time limit. The warn able offenses are as follows:

Infraction System said:
Signature Rule Violation
1 Point, 1 Month(s)​
One Word Post
1 Point, 1 Month(s)​
Insulted Other Member(s)
2 Points, 1 Month(s)​
Spam Post
2 Points, 1 Month(s)​
Note: There are other punishments, but they aren't listed. They can be, but not limited to; problematic posts, rudeness, double accounting, etc. Points for these range from 1 to 3, in most cases. The BattleForums staff team punishes solely at its discretion.

Signature Rule Violation - As stated, a violation of signature guidelines. 550x200 and 50kb in size are the signature limits.

One Word Post - Any post that is one word is not tolerated and marked as spam.

Insulted Other Member(s) - AKA Flaming and Trolling. Any posts made to instigate, fuel, or insult other members into hostile posting or behavior.

Spam Post - Content that does not continue an unresolved issue previously discussed in the thread topic, continue discussion of the current topic(s), or warrant discussion of a completely unrelated issue.

When you hit 15 points, you are banned for one week. Your Infractions remain. Similarly, 20 points is a 1 month ban and 30 points permanent. Permanent bans are automatically given for members who are incredibly disruptive or have come her for ulterior motives such as to spam, to post porn or to flood.

-The BattleForums Staff.
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