How to win quick 12(P)-3(T)


This strategy should give you an automatic win versus average or bad players 12-3 PVT, and a good shot at damaging a good or great player, which is needed PVT. Enjoy.



12 o’ clock (Protoss) 3 o’ clock (Terran) is the bane of all Protoss players. Terran can siege Tanks, within the safety of his base, which are in range to rain shells on top of any units under your ramp. While this is bad enough, they can further siege Tanks within the ‘cliffed’ Tanks range, and push up to your main with cross-protected checkerboard of Tanks, mines and turrets. Obviously this position puts you at an extraordinary disadvantage, but it is not without certain advantageous characteristics which the Protoss can exploit to win. Though one does not need to use these to win—you can legitimately expo to your designated mineral only expansion (the one to the left on the computer screen, which your ledge overlooks), if you don’t want simply play the natural disadvantage to the best of your ability, I provide a ‘reliable’ alternative: “The Furnace.â€

The Build:

9 or 10 Gateway
11 or 12 Assimilator
13 Zealot
--Stop Probe production


*With this Zealot you’ll want to give the illusion of a rush. Even if there is an SCV in your base, do not order your Zealot to attack it. Rally it into his base, and only change this order if his SCV is blocking your ramp. Chances are when he sees the Zealot pop out he’ll try to rush his second Supply Depot to finish his wall, or because he sees the rush build. That’s why right as it finishes, or even before you Zealot finishes, if you see an SCV heading towards the wall, warp in a Pylon to block him. Then warp one in inside your main. Chances are Terran will have pulled of 5 SCV’s and killed your pylon before your Zealot can get inside. If he doesn’t, go in there and cause some havoc, and warp in another Zealot at home to continue the rush. Hopefully now he’ll think nothing special of your Zealot, or your build. He’ll simply think that he succesfully defended a Zealot rush.

The Build 2

15 Pylon (to block his wall)
15 Cybernetics Core
16 Pylon

Notes 2

*You must now kill, or have killed his SCV scout. It would’ve been a good idea to pull of a probe to chase the SCV around, and pull of another (retreating the former) if he attacks it. Otherwise your Zealot can probably chase it down.

The Build 3

18 Robotics Bay
19 Dragoon (if the SCV is still alive, kill it with this)
20 Zealot (set up your choke with 1 zealot, and one Dragoon. That should be sufficient to kill an SCV. Do not put your second Zealot there, or near your ramp. Don’t let either his first SCV, or a later scout, see this Second Zealot. It’s a dead giveaway)
--Stop Probe production
Shuttle when minerals allow
Pylon when minerals allow
Robotics Support Bay when minerals allow
Reaver when minerals allow
Zealot when minerals allow

Notes 3

*Load up your Shuttle (hot keying it to 1 or 3) with your 2 Zealots and Dragoon (The Dragoons range is indispensable. It can kill the Tank along with the Zealots because the Tank can’t simply run around dodging you. If you have four Zealots he might be able to use micro and repair SCV’s to survive until the second Tank) and head to his main. That small distance between your base and his can be advantage as well as a disadvantage! You have three general places to fly to: If you think he’s expecting a drop he might be covering his mineral field with 2-3 Marines and the Tank (those Marine’s deaths’ will be exceedingly satisfying); He might be languishing around his Factory; Or he might be at his choke. Personally I believe the choke is your best shot, and with only around 10 seconds before his next Tank comes every moment counts. Don’t use any shuttle micro, unless you see two Tanks because you were slow, just head back to base. Pick up your Reaver and Zealot when they warp in.

The Build Final

Continue pumping Zealots and Reavers

Notes Final

*If you killed one of the Tanks (as you must to successfully pull the rush), and occupied the next for awhile use your Reaver and Zealot to kill the next Tank. Don’t suicide it on a turret to land in his mineral field. Of course this doesn’t mean you can’t land in range of his peons, in fact that will force the action to you. Just make sure you don’t get blasted by siege. Use the Zealot to occupy the tank, the Reaver to kill waves of SCV’s. He will probably kill the Zealot with Tank micro, and the Reaver with his Tank and SCV’s. His economy will be totally and crippled, an your next batch of destruction should finish him.

Congratulations! You have successfully pulled off “The Stoveâ€!


BattleForums Senior Member
What about just 2 gating.? Zeal before goon then proceed into elevator reaver or dt drops. Take an island or 2.
Furnace is pretty good at 6p v 9t, though.


Phoenix2003 said:
What about just 2 gating.? Zeal before goon then proceed into elevator reaver or dt drops. Take an island or 2.
Furnace is pretty good at 6p v 9t, though.
When do you add the second gate? If it's before the rob then you can't hit them as fast. If it's after then what's the point? You should be working on another Reaver and two Zealots.