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Well have fum and Welcome. If you need anything dont be afraid to ask!


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Hi, you have my name in you sig, coincidence? or something more?

bleh, anyway, Welcome!!
coincidence avalon. indeed. a coincidence.

oh yeah, welcome!


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My band instrustors brother is part of the origional Blue Man Group. Just thought I'de let you know that,


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Welcome to BF! Nice to see you introduced yourself, unlike some *glares at x42bn6*. If you wanna talk something to me, remember me as the [color] man.

Emperor Pan I

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I would call you the "man who has to much time on his hands, to put colors in all hist posts man"and your sig is too big.


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It still is 10 lines, just that it breaks lines. Bending the rules a little.

Look at Kald's previous one.


Welcome to Battle Forums. Hope you like it here!

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