Hey i was just curious what you all though about this

What do you think about Nano Technology

  • Nano techology should be banned and never used!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I say we only use nano techology to an extent

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  • I say we jail any nano-techologists... heh

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Jan 10, 2004
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What do you guys think about nano technology? In several studies they believe that in 40-50 yrs they can make a small machine that will be in your body that can reproduce itself effectively. The machine will be 1,000x smaller then this dot "."

These machines can be used to make are own viruses! wont that be fun. Or to cure every disease. With the help of genetic engineering we can also get rid of cancer. We can hook nano technology through a sirenge into your body and they will work together to integrate themselvs and attach to your DNA.
Once Hooked into your DNA the computer will hold 4 passageways instead of only 2 (U know normal computers only use 1's and 0's).

Once the nano technology is into your system it can be programmed to work together and integrate itself into your eyes making it possable for you to see your very own personal screens. Theorotically you will then be able to hook people together through servers. You can then have the internet in your own head.

You can in theory send people computer viruses and kill people. Or (much more worse) make nano technology to be a virus that is programmed to get around modern medicine and infect you and reproduce itself. We have already seen programs that can reproduce themselves they're computer viruses heh.

We could also then in theory make online RPG games where the subject w/ the nano techology is completely submerged into this world with every sence being used. And you will be hooked up onto the internet and you can see other real people in this world too.

Well plz post your opinions on this, remember this is all theories ive collected form various books, one of them being the sci-fi book "Prey" int he introduction.