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I have more posts than you, and I aint a nerd...

Kuro Neko

Originally posted by TreeFrog123
TwEaK who exactly is on that list? and I hate it when people just assume that everyone on the internet is a nerd with the exception of themselves. HAHAHAH U HAV MROE POSTS TAHN ME U R NERD~!!!!!#1!
I don't like people like that.
If I gave you an apple, will you e-shut up?


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Every post I have ever read on my moniter with your name on the post has been taking precious seconds off my life. You, are the newest retard on my list of complete ****ing morons.

Owned by TwEaK.
Aight,im with tweak on this one. Anyone as obsessed with anime as dragon, and dumb enough for 'love advice' on a gaming forum is probably a prepubescent little white boy who thinks he owns the world because he knows the birthday of every anime character ever. Hell, my little brother could kick his ass, and he can barely lift 10 pounds.