Hero Editor V0.80 for V1.10 (and V1.09D)


Nov 28, 2003
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Down Under
You can find Hero Editor V0.80 by Zonfire here:
Someone may want to update the "1.10 Editors and Hacked Characters! Updated!!" Thread.. the link to d2sector.net seems a little screwed... :rollie

Some of the changes in v0.80

- Set Items properly implemented – several things added
- fixed Aura’s display so they stack, and display with the name of the Aura
- 3 “missing†States have been added (these were added in V0.71)
- fixed combined Magic Attributes for proper decoding (“Min-Max 1-H Dmgâ€, “Min-Max 2-H Dmgâ€, “Min-Max Throw Dmgâ€, “All Resistsâ€, “All Stats&#8221
- added Runeword selection and display of Runeword on items
- Magic Attributes display window now can be scrolled and can display up to 100 different attributes!!! (i.e. useful only if many magic attributes will be hidden from display in D2)
- added keyboard functions to Magic Attributes TreeView
- fixed/added keyboard usage for lists (e.g. cut&paste, search using #'s or letters)
- added Menu shortcuts (e.g. Del key to "quick" delete items)
- added Menu access keys
- fixed re moving an item used to restore minimized Extras window
- Quests selection/changes fixed
- added F1 help functionality
- added option to display Set Magic attributes in "Description" list
- max value to gold has been fixed
- when changing Item Codes, the list is now sorted alphabetically by the item name, not Item Code
- added ability to use Buffer and Favorites with Runeword magic attributes
- added Runeword magic attributes editing to menus
- added selection and display of “Monstersâ€
- .icon property set for Main and Extras windows
- editing a character no longer forces your character back to Act I, Chapter 1
- Current Act batch button works now, if the Act is selected (not just Quest) (was added in V0.71)
- NOX support added (was added for V0.71)
- “Newby†renamed to “Starter Itemâ€
- fixed Skill names, such as “Royal Strike†=> “Phoenix Strikeâ€
- fixed Simple Item decoding re Unknown10 (flag + time codes [just ignore this])
- fixed Merc item decode error
- allow “unknown†items to be loaded (for Mod games)
- added option for up to 25 “new†items to be created (for Mod games)
- old “Hero Editor.INI†file gets renamed (i.e. not deleted) when a new version of Hero Editor is installed
- the “unknown†char/class picture is removed, unless “required†by a Mod game
- items can now automatically be created as low or high level items (high level = to use max sockets)
- added Arrow Key functionality to TreeView displays: Extras – Item Attributes, Item Create; Main – Quests, Mercs
- fixed the display window for Buffer and Favorites magic attributes (used to truncate at ~20 attributes)
- increased size of “Save Modified Item†button and “Save New Item To PickedUp†button
- fixed Runeword magic attributes re selection of Max Dmg for fire, ice, poison (used to default to 0, not max)
- if change item quality from Set, Set magic attributes are deleted
- fixed making (and decoding) of Tome of Identify
- Moved "Bonus to Attack Rating %" from Other, to Attack
- Moved "Aura" from Other, to "Aura (Skill when equipped)" in Skill