Pains Requiem

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Nov 30, 2003
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ok-this thread if for anyone who has played "can u do 25 tricks?"
i want anyone who has played to talk about these tricks they have actually used on 1v1 matches! (also tell how to do it for players who have never)
one i use a lot is the floating templars-
ok-get 2 templars (doesnt matter if high or dark) and set them far apart. hold shift and clikc somewher eon the map and right before they fuse together tell them to move-make sure they DO NOT EVER STOP until u want them to-they will actually FLOAT in midair over water and cliffs! they can even land in water. i like doing this with dark templars-u dont even have to use a shuttle! they might call u a hacker but the only way to hack someone is they have to send u a email and u have to open it
another one i did was i was toss (as usual) and my ally was zerg.
i had a arbiter going in patrol so he could do the trick. he had his hydras burrowed(4 of em) and if youunburrowed them at exactly the right spot where the cloak area effects the units, they will be PERMANATLY CLOAKED when they unburrow! (this only works for YOUR zerg units-my friend let me mind control a drone and i built to where i could get hydras) try a mass swarm of cloaked zergling!
if u know of anyother post em here and tell how u harassed people with them!