Fun things to do with glow sticks


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May 19, 2003
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Besides dancing with them there is a lot of fun things you can do with them

Here is some things I've done in the past

1 cracking a glow sticks cut it open pour in a mason jar with water and glitter and shake. So purty

2 take a tp cardboard tube and cut evil shaped eyes in it stick a cracked glowstick In it and hide it In a bush. scary!!

3 hike to a waterfall climb to the top. Wait till dark cracked and cut different colored glowsticks and pour them in. Epic waterfall

4 cracking and pour a glow stick in a kids. Bubble bottle. To make glow in the dark bubbles

5 throw a bunch of glowsticks in a bubble bath turn lights off for a romantic glow bath for. 2

Btw using my phone in case you wondering weird punctuation

Enjoy :)