Finally hacker alert BEFORE game: BWHF Agent 2.21


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BWHF Agent's hacker database is the most rapidly growing Starcraft hacker database. It already has more than a thousand hackers, and the number of montly reports grows almost exponentially (even with so few authorization keys given out).
You can see the online hacker database here:
BWHF Hacker database
You can check out the statistics of the database and reports:
BWHF Hacker database statistics

The long awaited feature is here: BEFORE game starts, you can check if players in the game lobby have been reported to the BWHF hacker database.
BWHF Agent continues to remain legit by Blizzard's terms (it still doesn't read or modify Starcraft's memory) and continues to remain open source (both the client Agent and the hacker database server).

Whenever you want to have the players checked, just press 'Print Screen' (or 'PrtScn') on your keyboard in the game lobby. All players being in the same game will be automatically checked, and if any of them has been reported before, you will hear sound alerts indicating the reported players. You can decide what to do about it (kick/ban players, leave the game or go along with it).
The player names are read from the screenshot saved by Starcraft, so be sure you move your mouse out of the way (so it will not overlay players' name).

Changes in the new 2.21 version since 2.00:

-A new Player checker tab where you can enable checking players in the game lobby BEFORE game. If players in the game lobby has already been reported as hackers, you will get an alert sound indicating the slots of the hackers you're in the same game with. For example: "hacker at slot 3". This check is implemented in a way that BWHF Agent still remains legit, BWHF Agent obtains the player names WITHOUT reading Starcraft's memory (uses image processing and text recognition)! A local cache of the hacker list is kept in the Agent's folder which is automatically updated in an interval of your choice or at will at anytime. The player check will conform to the gateway set in you autoscan tab and to the reported gateways of the hackers.

-On the Player checker tab you can choose your own extra list of players who you want to check whether they are in the same game as you. You can use this list to enumerate players who you think hack or you don't want to play with or you just want to remember them but they are not int the BWHF hacker database. The format of the custom player list file is very simple: every line contains a player, the line starts with a number identifying the gateway and after that the player name separated with a comma. Valid gateways are: 0-USEast, 1-USWest, 2-Europe, 3-Asia, 4-iCCup, 5-Other

-Autoscan now reads out loud the hackers' colors and races, so you will know who hacked in your last game without switching (alt+tab) to BWHF Agent. For example: "hacker blue protoss".

-Added 2 new buttons to the Replay search tab: Save result list and Load result list. With these buttons you can create your own quickly accessible replay lists like tournament replays, replays of a specific player, a list with all your replays etc. After loading a list, you can filter it, export replays, open on charts etc. The saved replay list is a single tab separated list, you can open it with Excel for example to do whatever you want with it.

-Added a new 'Append results to table' setting to the replay search tab. If this is checked, the search result will simple be added to the table, the previous result will not be cleared. If search fields are not changed, all selected replays will simple be added to the previous results.

-New setting on the general settings tab to set the default replay lists folder.

-New setting on the general settings tab to select a program to view/edit files.

-Added a new 'View entire log' button to all tabs which have a log text area. This button opens the proper log file in the editor set in the general settings tab.

-If updates are available, the window icon and the tray icon is changed to a blue pill image.

-Some other minor bug fixes.

Screenshots - bwhf - Screenshots of BWHF Agent - Google Code

BWHF Agent home page:
bwhf - Google Code


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whoa seeing the lists most are from America US East/West, well the biggest noobs are there, so it explains it.


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Excellent find!
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Yes btw, I just didn't comment if it is awesome due to risk of being called a 'retard' because I replied to smth that was a scam in the past and not a post that may be helpful. If this is true and helpful it's prolly the best I can see in the SC section. Instead of linking new hacks sum1 linking anti-hacking apps. The best thread in BF SC section.


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BWHF Agent 2.30: now a complete replay organizer

It was about 3 weeks ago when BWHF Agent 2.20 was released. The BWHF hacker database contained about a thousand hackers.
In the past 3 weeks the number of reported hackers has doubled, now the database counts more than 2200 of them.
For developers: a 50-page developer documentation has been written and published by me in English about Starcraft hacking recognition and how it works in BWHF Agent (closing with version 2.21). I upload it to the BWHF home page this week and will be available for download.

Screenshots - bwhf - Screenshots of BWHF Agent - Google Code

With the following changes BWHF Agent became a complete replay organizer.

Changes in version 2.30 since 2.20:

-Added new icons to tabs and buttons (user interface is much more friendly this way).

-New Previous replay and Next replay buttons on the charts tab to navigate easily between the replays of the replay search tab. If there are more than 1 replays selected, the buttons will iterate through the selected replays. If there are no selected replays, these buttons will iterate through all replays of the result table.

-New setting on the player checker tab: Say "clean" if no hackers found. This way you can be sure a player check was performed but no hackers found in the game lobby.

-A new "Column setup..." button on the replay search tab to customize replay columns order.

-Clicking on the column headers in the replay search tab will sort the table. Clicking again on the same column will reverse the order.

-New setting on the charts tab: Display actions in seconds.

-Removed the replay handler buttons from the search tab, and added a context menu (right click popup menu) to the result table. You can find here all operations that were available through the buttons. This gives more space to the result table.

-New setting on the general settings tab: Replay list to load on startup. Note that if you select a big list with thousands of replays, it might significantly slow down the startup of BWHF Agent.

-Hide search filters state is now saved and remembered on next startup.

-New replay operation: Edit comment. Comments can be added to replays in the result list. The comments are saved in the replay list files.

-New replay operation: Rename replay.

-New replay operation: Group rename replays. Group rename operates on a template. This template can contain any text and special symbols. Special symbols will be substituted with proper text when renaming specific replays. Valid symbols are: /n - the name of the original replay; /e - the extension of the original replay (usually 'rep'); /c - a counter which starts from 1 and will be incremented by 1 at each use. With this you can easily rename many replays. Let's say you have 20 tournament replays. You can select those replays and click on group rename. Give a template of "Tourney reps /c./e". This will rename all those reps to "Tourney reps 1.rep", "Tourney reps 2.rep" etc. You can preview the new names before proceeding to rename.

-New replay operation: Open replay's folder in explorer.

-Modified the build anywhere hack detection to recognize more cases.

-Some minor bugfixes.

Note that if you make changes on the result list such as edit/add a comment, sort the table or rename replays, you have to save the list to keep the changes.

BWHF Agent home page:
bwhf - Google Code