Fanfiction Rules (Revised 1.5)

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Review Format

Want to get involved in the fanfic forum? don't feel like writing stories yet?
Why not sit back with a cup of hot java, read and review some stories?

Overall layout is:

Reviewers Comments :

Story line is the basic plot, like what happens, how interesting, if it was boring. Originality is how well... original it is, whether he used a story and built off of it uniquely, or just stole a story. style is if it has pizazz, that extra kick. Structured is if it is well set up, like paragraphing and spacing's and titles and chapters and lines etc. Spelling/grammer is how gramatically correct it is including spelling mistakes, punctuation etc.
Overall is all these combined into one score, and what you feel the person deserved.

Fianly, the revewers comment is what you felt. you don't have to include this, but try to write like a line or two.


-credit goes to Pan for the layout, and several others who gave him the ideas.

Emperor Pan I

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Fanfiction rules revised

Ok, Thank you Chrisuk for setting the original rules, but I have decided to make much more firm rules, that I will hold in effect. These rules take effect to every and all posts [glowc=red]after[/glowc] the date of 06-28-03

General/basic Rules
1. Absolutely no spamming or flaming of any kind is allowed. please use the Asylum and the void to express yourself like that. Sensible discussion of any articles you read here is of course just fine.
2. Be aware also that other members may view and reply to your work thus you should only post when you are satisfied that your fiction has been produced to the best of your ability.
5. If you do not want anyone to post a reply, critisize, or anything of the sort, you may PM me and i will lock your forum for "view only" Pan is no longer a moderator. PM bamthedoc, instead.
4. Other forms of literature is welcome I am sure, so if u have a poem in which u want to post, do so.

Story rules:
1. Story text is required to have a title; I will be very lenient to a point.
2. Story’s are to be posted either as a short story or as a series. Please indicate which one you are posting.
3. If your story is long, OR your story is not finished, edit your original post and add to it. Failure to comply will have your story voided. It is because after you post, you are unable to edit after 5 days. therefore, you CAN post again after 5 days. if not then you will be required to edit your original post. If you have a long story that you cannot post in one post please upload a text document. I will be very lenient in this subject
4. Story’s are to contain NO offensive flaming, racist remarks or jokes, vivid sexual imagery or anything that you would see in the asylum.*
5. The story’s posted here are the property of the user who posts them. Do not steal, or use any ideas or story’s from here, it is the copyright of the creator.

These rules may be amended from time to time. They will only change when need be.

*for rule 4, if you find your story’s require one of these, you will be required to PM me and I will review it. Only story's that are serious, can get approval to post this. You will then get a big [glowc=red]warning explicit content[/glowc] on your story.

Thank you, we want to make this an enjoyable place, and we can do that if you use your private message system and the "report post to mod link."

Changes in rules:
All rules in this color value are current rules that have been changed.
All rules in this color value are new rules that have been added.
All rules in this color value are current rules that have been changed.

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