Eh Theory...


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Not sure if you still come around here but, you guy continue to MH now in sc2? LOL Come on, l2p w/o MH, Americas ladder easier than European just like it was in war3.

Now you're popular in the sc2 forums (previously in the ol' classic bnet forums for war3)... It's now deleted thread but says it:

I haven't tried you on SC2 man, not sure if you MH when when we play...

GM / Master map hacker and general hacking and cheating thread

[Confirmed] Hacker name : Theory
Note: NOT to confuse with LgNTheoRy or TheoRy (capital R) which is also GM
Description : Maphack + blink hack + auto-probe
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My account name isn't theory in the game it's Arcticfox

Wing Zero

lol just as planned
clearly a new account


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I do have multiple accounts but I haven't made GM on any of them yet :( I'm kind of addicted too warz at the moment


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You really can't quit those hacks, can you... never seen someone addicted to them as if tobacco or alcohol. :rolleyes-blank:

The only articfoxes I see in are 1 master Terran (that can't be you) and a Diam Toss. Are you Diamond league?

Anyway, since I started HotS beta and what 2.0.2 brings, I am more willing to play than WoL where they can't even nerf Fungal. So if anyone's actively playing 1v1 in HotS I can add you - OR even 2v2 3v3 AT (Arranged Team) . Never been Master League, yeah I was Diam 1v1 in WoL not got Master even in team.

Still lose to this Locust OP unit stopping you from GGing Zerg early :( so imba unit gives them the time to get in late game where Z strong in late, will see what this new patch does