StarCraft - Map Does anybody have Naruto Golems?


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[REQUEST] Naruto Golems?

I made this map about 4 years ago I think and I just started playing again not too long ago.

I thought it'd be nice to find one of the few games I actually took a long time tweaking. There were a bunch of versions to it and I eventually had it to the point of being near even between teams.

I did end up finding the earliest version of it on some other website. But I had a LOT more work put into it after that.

The creator should either be: Demon_Zabuza, Kakashi_Sensei, or maybe Demon_Kakashi. I was definitely way too into Naruto back then... Haven't watched it for years now... But I think the game would still be fun to play haha.

I don't mind which version it is, but hopefully somebody has one of the later ones.



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Hey, I have a bunch of naruto maps (which includes i think 3 versions of naruto golems) in this link


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