Do I need a hub or router to connect my laptop to my desktop?



I have a virgin media broadband connection to my desktop which I pay monthly,I've recently purchased a laptop and I want to know how to go about connecting my laptop to my desktop so then I can surf the web etc in another room from my desktop. My laptop is already set up for wireless connection.

RoaCh of DisCord

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May 17, 2003
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So..assuming I know what you're talking about, you have your broadband hooked up to your desktop, and you want to share that connection with your laptop from another room? That is easy enough. I'm assuming you have a modem/gateway, in which you've received from your internet provider? If'll need to know if it has wireless capabilities. If so..your laptop will be able to connect to it. If not, you need to purchase a wireless router, and connect it to your modem. Once that is done, and you adjust the wireless settings, your laptop should connect to it.