Diablo Definition Guide


Feb 12, 2004
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Here are some Diablo definitions for the first diablo! Hope you like it!

1. Character Classes:
a. Warrior - your typical knight in shining armor---only he doesn't
have a shining armor yet. You'll have to either fight for
it or raise the money to buy it. Good at swords as well
as axes and other heavy weapons.
b. Rogue - every game that allows you to select from different players
must include a female, otherwise its creators will be called
sexists. Good only at bows, but very good at that.
c. Sorceror- you're dealing with the supernatural, so what else do you
expect? A magician, of course! Good only at staves, but
as good at that as a rogue is with her bows.

2. In game buttons:
a. Char - Character Stats; displays your name, class, level, experience,
and other things about your player
b. Quests - displays a menu of all the quests that are known to you
at present. If you click on any of these quests, a replay
of what any person or book told you about this quest will
be presented to you
c. Map - Automap; displays what part of the current level you are
in have you already passed through and where you are in
the map right now
d. Menu - click this if you want to save, load, quit, and stuff like
e. Inv - Inventory; displays the items you have and where you have
put them
f. Spells - displays what spells you can do, their damage, and casting
cost. If the icon of the spell you're looking at is white,
that spell isn't available for the moment

3. Character Stats:

The box on the upper-left most contains your name, and your class
is next to it. Your level determines how well you will fare against
different monsters. Max level: 50. Experience is basically the number
of points you have gather via slaughtering numerous demons. A certain
number of experience points, stated in the Next Level box, is your goal
to raise your level by one. Here's a table:

Lv. Exp.
| 1 | 0 |
| 2 | 2,000 |
| 3 | 4,620 |
| 4 | 8,040 |
| 5 | 12,489 |
| 6 | 18,258 |
| 7 | 25,712 |
| 8 | 35,309 |
| 9 | 47,622 |
| 10 63,364 |
| 11 | 83,419 |
| 12 | 108,879 |
| 13 | 141,806 |
| 14 | 181,683 |
| 15 | 231,075 |
| 16 | 313,656 |
| 17 | 424,067 |
| 18 | 571,190 |
| 19 | 766,569 |
| 20 | 1,025,154 |
| 21 | 1,366,227 |
| 22 | 1,814,568 |
| 23 | 2,401,895 |
| 24 | 3,168,651 |
| 25 | 4,166,200 |
| 26 | 5,459,523 |
| 27 | 7,130,496 |
| 28 | 9,281,874 |
| 29 | 12,042,092 |
| 30 | 15,571,031 |
| 31 | 20,066,900 |
| 32 | 25,774,405 |
| 33 | 32,994,399 |
| 34 | 42,095,202 |
| 35 | 53,525,811 |
| 36 | 67,831,218 |
| 37 | 85,670,061 |
| 38 | 107,834,823 |
| 39 | 135,274,799 |
| 40 | 169,122,009 |
| 41 | 210,720,231 |
| 42 | 261,657,253 |
| 43 | 323,800,420 |
| 44 | 399,335,440 |
| 45 | 490,808,349 |
| 46 | 601,170,414 |
| 47 | 733,825,617 |
| 48 | 892,680,222 |
| 49 | 1,082,908,612 |
| 50 | 1,310,707,109 |
| | |

Everytime your level is raised by one, you gain five stat points
which you should distribute wisely among your strength, magic, dexterity,
and vitality. Just click on the red button that appears to distribute
when possible. The numbers under Base tell you how high that specific
stat really is, while those under Now tell how high that specific stat
is when under the influence of the different magical weapons and items
in the game.

* warrior - max strength : 250
magic : 50
dexterity : 60
vitality : 100

rogue - max strength : 55
magic : 70
dexterity : 250
vitality : 80

sorceror - max strength : 45
magic : 250
dexterity : 85
vitality : 80

Ok, on to the other parts. The life box explains in numbers
what the red liquid explains in amount---how much more damage can you'
take without dying. The same goes with mana, which is the amount of
"magic" you can use to pay for a spell's casting cost. Gold and Damage
are self-explanatory, while armor class is your chance of evading an
enemy's attack and To Hit is your chance of landing a hit everytime
you attack. The Resist to boxes tell you how much damage from a said
form of attack can you be invulnerable to.

4. Belt:

The small boxes just above your "message bar" is your belt. They
pretty much work just like your inventory, but they cannot be hidden,
cannot hold gold coins, rings, amulets, and everything larger, and can
be accessed quickly by pressing the number corresponding to the box
whose item you'd like to use.


Feb 12, 2004
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Hey guyz! Here is info about the town!

This is where you're at whenever you start from scratch. You are
in front of a house, the back of which is where half the town's population
is gathered. Yes, there are four is already half of them. Sorry, but this
town is rather low on inhabitants. Here's the cast:

Ogden the Tavern Owner - he's not much use, except for the fact that
you'll get info on some of the game's quests
from him

Griswold the Blacksmith - the main man of the town, this guy is especially
useful warriors and rogues because it is he
trades weapons of interest to them. You can
also ask him to repair your damaged items,
but of course nothing is for free nowadays.
Be careful when choosing something to buy.
If you decide to re-sell it, he will only
pay you one-fourth the original price.

Cain the Elder - his main use is the identification of unidentified
items (of course, what else?) but even that has a
cost---100 gold to be exact. Quite worth it since
you got a 99.99% chance of increasing the value of
your item by more than a hundred once it is identified.
Not to mention take advantage of its special abilities.

Pepin the Healer - this guy's the ONLY one who'd serve you for free!
Talk to him and you're healed instantly! He also
sells items that heal, but won't buy anything from

Gillian the Barmaid - a little further from the center with Ogden as
the nearest neighbor, this lass does not have
a single dam use in the whole game! Rather not
talk to her.

Wirt the Peg-legged - doesn't the barmaid's position tell there's more
to be seen in the town? You're right. Go beyond
her and eventually you'll find this boy in the
upper-left part of the town. He's just like Griswold,
except for three things: he doesn't buy, doesn't
repair, and sells only one item at the time. He
doesn't even show you what he's selling if you
don't pay him 50 bucks.

Adria the Witch - you explored the left part of the town, but how about
the right? Only one person resides there, the witch.
She's especially useful to sorcerors, but since she
buys or sells almost everything Griswold doesn't,
she's quite an all-around useful gal too. As the
blacksmith repairs weapons, so can she recharge staves.
And again, not without a "reasonable" fee.

Farnham the Drunk - I forgot about this guy, but then again maybe I
should have. Just as useless as the barmaid is,
this guy (I know you don't care already but) is
found just beside the house you started from.

Another feature of this town is its links to the labyrinth below.
There are a total of four links, one of which is the chapel located in
the north. The other three are not accessible when you start from scratch
because they can only be opened from the other side which is down there.


Feb 12, 2004
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This is so long that it is divided in a couple of posts. Hope this helps!

Even the quests in Diablo have a somewhat random quality. There
is only one set of quests the computer has in store, but you'll get to
be assigned only about two-thirds of it. You'll have to beat the game
over and over before you finally are sure you've successfully witnessed
all there is to the game's quests. Don't worry, whatever you've achieved
in previous battles (i.e. items, gold, experience) you'll carry on to
your next game even if you start all over---pretty cool. Below is a list
of quests and how to predict which you'll be assigned to.
* tonsfolk's comments: found after each quest is activated and before
they are completed by talking to who else but the

DUNGEON QUESTS A (you'll get to solve one of these)

King Leoric

You start the game and look at the fountain beside Cain. If there's
nothing wrong with it then you're sure you won't have to go through
the Poisoned Water Supply quest. Instead you'll face King Leoric. Ogden
the Tavern Owner will tell you about him. He's one tough guy he doesn't
even need buldging muscles to give you a hard time. In fact, he doesn't
have any muscles at all...he's all bones! He's got a big sword, which,
unfortunately, you can't acquire after defeating him. He also has the
ability to raise his minions from the dead so keep him away from them
to avoid unnecessary obstacles. He's best dealt with using your Holy Bolt
Spell.(refer to spells section) He'll give you his crown when he finally
rests in peace, the "UNDEAD CROWN" It's a unique item.

*townsfolk's comments:

Odgen - As I told you, good master, the king was entombed three levels
below. He's down there, waiting in the putrid darkness for
his chance to destroy this land...

Griswold - I made many of the weapons and most of the armor that King
Leoric used to outfit his knights. I even crafted a huge
two-handed sword of the finest mithril for him, as well
as a field crown to match. I still cannot believe how he
died, but it must have been some sinister force that drove
him insane!

Cain - Ahh, the story of our king, is it? The tragic fall of Leoric
was a harsh blow to this land. The people always loved the king,
and now they live in mortal fear of him. The question that I
keep asking myself is how he could have fallen so far from the
light, as Leoric had always been the holiest of men. Only the
vilest powers of hell could so utterly destroy a man from within...

Pepin - The loss of his son was too much for King Leoric. I did what
I could to ease his madness, but in the end it overcame him.
A black curse has hung over this kingdom from that day forward,
but perhaps if you were to free his spirit from his earthly
prison, the curse would be lifted...

Gillian - I don't like to think about how the king died. I like to
remember him for the kind and just ruler that he was. His
death was so sad and seemed very wrong, somehow.

Wirt - Look, I'm running a business here. I don't sell information,
and I don't care about some king that's been dead longer than
I've been alive. If you need something to use against this king
of the undead, then I can help you out...

Adria - The dead who walk among the living follow the cursed king.
He holds the power to raise yet more warriors for an ever
growing army of the undead. If you do not stop his reign, he
will surely march across this land and slay all who still live

Farnham - I don't care about that. Listen, no skeleton is gonna be
my king. Leoric is king. King, so you hear me? Hail to the

Poisoned Water Supply

If notice the fountain's color is yellowish, then you'll know
that the passageway towards the King is nowhere to be found and in its
place is a crack leading to the underground the water from which springs
to the town. It's Pepin who informs you of this quest, and also he who
rewards you for it---with a "RING OF TRUTH", another unique item. All
you have to do is rid the place of monstrosities and move on.

*townsfolk's comments:

Odgen - I have always tried to keep a large supply of foodstuffs and
drink in our storage cellar, but with the entire town having
no source of fresh water, even our stores will soon run dry.
Please, do what you can or I don't know what we will do.

Griswold - Pepin has told you the truth. We will need fresh water badly,
and soon. I have tried to clear one of the smaller wells,
but it reeks of stagnant filth. It must be getting clogged
at the source.

Cain - Hmm, I don't know what I can really tell you about this that
will be of any help. The water that fills our wells comes from
an underground spring. I have heard of a tunnel that leads to
a great lake---perhaps they are one and the same. Unfortunately,
I do not know what would cause our water supply to be tainted.

Pepin - Please, you must hurry. Every hour that passes brings us closer
to having no water to drink. We cannot survive for long without
your help.

Gillian - My grandmother is very weak, and Garda says that we cannot
drink the water from the wells. Please, can you do something
to help us?

Wirt - For once, I'm with you. My business runs dry---so to speak---
if I have no market to sell to. You better find out what is going
on, and soon!

Adria - The people of Tristram will die if you cannot restore fresh
water to their wells. Know this---demons are at the heart of
this matter, but they remain ignorant of what they have spawned.

Farnham - You drink water?

DUNGEON QUESTS B (you'll get to solve two of these)

The Butcher

There's supposed to be a wounded townsman outside the chapel, and
he's the one who's gonna tell you about the genocidal maniac known only
as the Butcher. Otherwise, you'll be quite sure you'll get to solve the
remaining two quests of the dungeon. The Butcher carries with him a giant
axe---cleaver as you may call it, and this time you can pick it up after
he falls. It's a cool weapon but only until the 7th or 8th level. By
that time you should already have sold it for something else. How to
kill him without suffering a single cut? First, get yourself a bow.
Then show yourself to him and he'll chase you. Go into a room that has
bars for a wall and close the door. Dam demon is too dumb to know how
to open doors so you'll be fine. The arrows will go through the bars
and hit him. You have to be patient for he does not easily yield to
beginners. By the way, his unique weapon is, quite dumbly, named, "The

*wounded townsman's last words: (I'm justing writing this from memory
so forgive any errors)

Please, listen to me. The Archbishop Lazarus, he led us the down there
to find the lost prince...bastard led us into a trap. Now everyone
is dead---killed by a demon he called the Butcher. Avenge us! Find
this Butcher and slay him, so that our souls may finally rest...

*townsfolk's comments:

Odgen - Yes, Farnham has mumbled something about a hulking brute who
wielded a fierce weapon. I believe he called him a butcher.

Griswold - I saw what Farnham calls the Butcher as it swathed a path
through the bodies of my friends. He swung a cleaver as
large as an axe, hewing limbs and cutting down brave men
where they stood. I was separated from the fray by a host
of small screeching demons and somehow found the stairway
leading out. I never saw that hideous beast again, but his
blood-stained visage haunts me to this day.


Feb 12, 2004
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Cain - It seems that the Archbishop Lazarus goaded many of the townsmen
into venturing into the labyrinth to find the king's missing
son. He played upon their fears and whipped them into a frenzied
mob. None of them were prepared for what lay within the cold
earth...Lazarus abandoned them down there---left in the clutches
of unspeakable horrors---to die.

Pepin - By the light, I know of this vile demon. There were many that
bore the scars of his wrath upon their bodies when the few
survivors of the charge led by Lazarus crawled from the cathedral.
I don't know what he used to slice open his victims, but it
could not have been of this world. It left wounds festering
with disease and even I found them almost impossible to treat.
Beware if you plan to battle this fiend...

Gillian - When Farnham said something about a Butcher killing people,
I immediately discounted it. But since you brought it up,
maybe it is true.

Wirt - I know more than you'd think about that grisly fiend. His little
friends got a hold of me and managed to get my leg before Griswold
pulled me out of that hole. I'll put it bluntly---kill him before
he kills you and adds your corpse to his collection.

Adria - The Butcher is a sadistic creature that delights in the torture
and pain of others. You have seen his handiwork in the drunkard
Farnham. His destruction will do much to ensure the safety of
this village.

Farnham - Big! Big cleaver killing all my friends. Couldn't stop him,
had to run away, couldn't save them. Trapped in a room with
so many bodies...so many friends...nooooo!

Ogden's Sign

Just before you go down to the 5th level, you notice there are
no entrances to the room that contains the stairway. You try the adjacent
room and find a single goblin named Snotspill standing in front of you
He can trigger this quest, but so can Ogden if you talk to him first.
Anyway, Snotspill tells you to beat the crap out of the monsters in the
other adjacent room, get Ogden's sign, and bring it to him, or else...
Does that sound much of a threat? Not really. What you do is kill the
monsters, get the sign, and bring it back to Ogden. At first he'll hurt
your feelings by saying he didn't need the sign anymore, but then he
gives you a unique helm for your effort, the "HARLEQUIN CREST" Quite
useless, though, and should only be sold to get its worth. When you
get back to Snotspill, the walls guarding the stairway have already been
lowered, and replacing them are a multitude of goblins. Just stay where
you are when you first saw him (the doorway) and you're ready to take
them all on! (one by one, that is)

*townsfolk's comments:

Griswold - Demons stole Odgen's sign, you say? That doesn't sound much
like the atrocities I've heard of---or seen! Demons are
concerned with ripping out your heart, not your signpost.

Cain - I see that this strange behaviour puzzles you as well. I would
surmise that since many demons fear the light of the sun and
believe that it holds great power, it may be that the rising
sun depicted on the sign you speak of has led them to believe
that it too holds some arcane powers. Hmmm...perhaps they are
not all as smart as we had feared...

Pepin - My goodness, demons running about the village at night, pillaging
our homes---is nothing sacred? I hope that Odgen and Garda are
all right. I suppose that they would come to see me if they
were hurt.

Gillian - Oh my! Is that where the sign went? My grandmother and I must
have slept right through the whole thing. Thank the light
that those monsters didn't attack the inn.

Wirt - What...is he saying I took that? I suppose that Griswold is on
his side, too. Look, I got over simple sign stealing months ago.
You can't turn a profit on a piece of wood.

Adria - No mortal can truly understand the mind of the demon. Never
let their erratic actions confuse you, as that too may be their

Farnham - You know what I think? Somebody took that sign, and they gonna
want lots of money for it. If I was Odgen...and I'm not, but
if I was...I'd just buy a new sign with some pretty drawing
on it. Maybe a nice mug of ale or a piece of cheese.


Feb 12, 2004
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Gharbad the Weak

You notice this odd-colored goatman who isn't supposed to be around
yet since you're only in the dungeons. He won't attack and you can't
kill him, yet. Talk to him and he'll say, "Please don't kill me, I will
prove to be useful to you." (I already translated that to formal English)
Walk away and turn in a corner to make sure he doesn't see you. Walk
back and talk to him the second time. He'll give you a weapon and make
the same plea. Do this several times. Sometimes, you'll get a weapon,
sometimes, you won't. Finally, he creates a weapon that he thinks is
too powerful for you so he decides to use it for himself---against YOU!
As his name suggests, he IS weak. You'll find it easy to defeat him,
now that you've defeated the Butcher (if you got his quest). He'll
drop one last weapon when he dies to which you'll murmur, "I am not

CATACOMB QUESTS (you'll get to solve three of these)

Magic Rock

Griswold tells about some sky rock that had fallen to earth and
was nowhere to be found. This is a very easy quest. All you have to
do is look for the said rock somewhere down in the catacombs. It will
be handed to you on a silver platter---literally. Griswold crafts these
stones into another unique ring, the "EMPYREAN BAND"

*townsfolk's comments:

Odgen - The caravan stopped here to take on some supplies for their
journey to the east. I sold them quite an array of fresh fruits
and some excellent sweetbreads that Garda has just finished
baking. Shame what happened to them.

Griswold - I am still waiting for you to bring me that stone from the
heavens. I know that I can make something powerful out of

Cain - Griswold speaks of the heaven stone that was destined for the
enclave located in the east. It was being taken there for further
study. This stone glowed with an energy that somehow granted
vision beyond that which a normal man could possess. I do not
know what secrets it holds, my friend, but finding this stone
would certainly prove most valuable.

Pepin - I don't know what it is that they thought they could see with
that rock, but I will say this: if rocks are falling from the
sky, you had better be careful!

Gillian - Well, a caravan of some very important people did stop here,
but that was quite a while ago. They had strange accents and
were starting on a long journey, as I recall. I don't see
how you could hope to find anything that they would have carried.

Wirt - If anyone can make something out of that rock, Griswold can.
He knows what he is doing, and as much as I try to steal his
customers, I respect the quality of his work.

Adria - The heaven stone is very powerful, and were it any but Griswold
who bid you find it, I would prevent it. He will harness its
powers and its use will be for the good of us all.

Farnham - I used to have a nice ring; it was a really expensive one,
with blue and green and red and silver. Don't remember what
happened to it, though. I really miss that ring...


For this and the rest of the catacomb quests, you'll have to read
a specific book on a stand somewhere on the level before you get assigned
for the task. For this quest, you'll find it in a long, rectangular
room with two doors at the lower width. Entering these doors will reveal
room with a "blood stone" (seems useless at first) and another door to
go further on. Enter that second room and find a pedestal of blood to
which you will place the blood stone (just click the pedestal while
your blood stone is in your inventory) It turns out that the long,
rectangular room is actually a group of adjacent rooms, and placing
the blood stone on the pedestal unveiled on of them. Go to that room,
get a second blood stone, and again place it on the pedestal. Another
room is uncovered. That room will also contain a blood stone, the last
one which, when placed on the pedestal, reveals a passageway beyond the
wall you are facing. Venture forth, killing the demons on your way, and
be rewarded by the only unique armor that can be acquired through a
quest---the "ARMOR OF VALOR"

*townsfolk's comments:

Odgen - Every child hears the story of the warrior Arkaine and his mystic
armor known as Valor. If you could find its resting place, you
would be well protected against the evil in the labyrinth.

Griswold - The armor known as Valor could be what tips the scale in
your favor. I will tell you that many have looked for it---
including myself. Arkaine hid it well, my friend, and it
will take more than a bit of luck to unlock the secrets that
have kept it concealed these many years.

Cain - The gateway of blood and the halls of fire are landmarks of mystic
origin. Wherever this book you read from resides it is surely
a place of great power. Legends speak of a pedestal that is carved
from obsidian stone and has a pool of boiling blood atop its
bone-encrusted surface. There are also allusions to stones of
blood that will open a door that guards an ancient treasure.
The nature of this treasure is shrouded in speculation, my friend,
but it is said that the ancient hero Arkaine placed the holy
armor Valor in a secret vault. Arkaine was the first mortal to
turn the tide of the Sin War and chase the legions of darkness
back to the burning hells. Just before Arkaine died, his armor
was hidden away in a secret vault. It is said that when this
holy armor is again needed, a hero will arise to don Valor once
more. Perhaps you are that hero...

Pepin - Hmm...it sounds like something I should remember, but I've been
so busy learning new cures and creating better elixirs that
I must have forgotten. Sorry...

Gillian - The story of the magic armor called Valor is something I often
heard the boys talk about. You had better ask one of the men
in the village.

Wirt - You intend to find the armor known as Valor? No one has ever
figured out where Arkaine stashed the stuff, and if my contacts
couldn't find it, I seriously doubt you ever will either.

Adria - Should you find these stones of blood, use them carefully. The
way is fraught with danger and your only hope rests within your

Farnham - Zzzzz...


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Chamber of Bone (always included)

This is the only quest the rewards you with a spell rather than
an item. Here's what you have to do: Read the book regarding it, find
the stairway between eight pillars, and go down. When you're in, massacre
all the skeletons and rhinomen by staying directly in front of the door
of their respective rooms, That way you'll fight only one of them at
a time. When you're through, look for another book on a stand and read
it. (This will give you the Guardian Spell)

*townsfolk's comments:

Odgen - I am afraid that I don't know anything about that, good master.
Cain has many books that may be of some help.

Griswold - I know nothing of this place, but you may try asking Cain.
He talks about many things, and it would not surprise me
if he had some answers to your question.

Cain - A book that speaks of a chamber of human bones? Well, a chamber
of bone is mentioned in certain archaic writings that I studied
in the libraries of the east. These tomes inferred that when
the lords of the underworld desired to protect great treasures,
they would create domains where those who died in the attempt
to steal that treasure would be forever bound to defend it. A
twisted, but strangely fitting, end?

Pepin - This sounds like a very dangerous place. If you venture there,
please take great care.

Gillian - I am afraid that I haven't heard anything about that. Perhaps
Cain the storyteller could be of some help.

Wirt - A vast and mysterious treasure, you say? Maybe I could be interested
in picking up a few things from you...or better yet, don't you
need some rare and expensive supplies to get you through this

Adria - You will become an eternal servant of the dark lords should
you perish within this cursed domain. Enter the Chamber of Bone
at your own peril.

Farnham - Okay, so listen. There's the chamber of wood, see. And his
wife, you know---her---tells the tree...cause you gotta wait.
Then I says, that might work against him, but if you think
I'm gonna pay for this...you...uh...yeah.

Halls of the Blind

I kinda like the poem that triggers this quest and have quite
memorized it by heart; here goes:

I can see what you see not,
Vision milky then eyes rot.
When you turn they will be gone,
Whispering their hidden song.
Then you see what cannot be,
Shadows move where light should be.
Out of darkness, out of mind,
Cast down into the halls of the blind

In this quest you just have to eradicate a bunch of demons that
can go invisible (quite simple yet challenging as well) You'll find
in a small room your reward---the "OPTIC AMULET"

*townsfolk's comments:

Odgen - I never much cared for poetry. Occasionally, I had cause to
hire minstrels when the inn was doing well, but that seems like
such a long time ago now. What? Oh, yes...uh, well, I suppose
you could see what someone else knows.

Griswold - I am afraid that I have neither heard nor seen a place that
matches your vivid description, my friend. Perhaps Cain the
storyteller could be of some help.

Cain - You recite an interesting rhyme written in a style that reminds
me of other works. Let me think now...what was it? Darkness shrouds
the hidden. Eyes glowing unseen with only the sounds of razor
claws briefly scraping to torment those poor souls who have been
made sightless for all eternity. The prison for those so damned
is named the Halls of the Blind...

Pepin - This does seem familiar, somehow. I seem to recall reading
something very much like that poem while researching the history
of demonic afflictions. It spoke of a place of great evil that...
wait...you're not going there are you?

Gillian - If you have questions about blindness, you should talk to
Pepin. I know that he gave my grandmother a potion that helped
clear her vision, so maybe he can help you, too.

Wirt - Lets see, am I selling you something? No. Are you giving me money
to tell you about this? No. Are you now leaving and going to
talk to the storyteller who lives for this kind of thing? Yes.

Adria - This is a place of great anguish and terror, and so serves its
master well. Tread carefully or you may yourself be staying
much longer than you had anticipated.

Farnham - Look here...that's pretty funny, huh? Get it? Blind---look


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CAVE QUESTS (you'll get to solve two of these)

Zhar the Mad

Ok, sorry. This guy's nowhere to be found in the caves (he appears
on the level preceeding it) but he's included in this group of quests
that the computer choses from so I included him. You'll find him in a
library, busy reading. He'll give you a book, and tell you to be on your
way. Something tells me you wouldn't, and try to click on his library.
He becomes enraged, and throws fireballs at you. Non-warriors won't have
much problems with him, as they'd probably be using a bow or a staff that
can throw something as well. If you chose to be a warrior, you'd probably
be using a short range weapon and therefore will have to chase him down.
Just remember that when he teleports, a faint light can be seen moving
on the floor. Follow that light for it will lead you to where he'll
appear next.

Black Mushroom

The most insulting quest of all, this one makes you look like a
gullible errand boy that blindy follows the whims of his master. First,
you find a Fungal Tome which you should present to Adria. She then asks
you to look for big black mushroom somewhere in the same area and bring
it to her. This big black thingy is found along with a patch of smaller
ones. Pick it up (it's actually as big as your shield!) and give it to
the witch. She appreciates what you've done and remembers Pepin telling
her something about needing the brain of some demon to experiment on.
She also "requests" you to give her a sample of the elixir Pepin will
make from the brain. You then kill any demon after that conversation
its brain can automatically be picked up. Bring (starting to get tired
now?) this brain to the healer who will, in turn give you a spectral
elixir which you should fetch to the witch. The dam bit...uh witch tells
you she doesn't need it anymore and that you should keep it. The spectral
elixir will increase all your stats by three so maybe it was worth the

*townsfolk's comments:

Odgen - Let me just say this. Both Garda and I would never, ever serve
black mushrooms to our honored guests. If Adria wants some
mushrooms in her stew, then that is her business, but I can't
help you find any. Black mushrooms...disgusting!

Griswold - If Adria doesn't have one of these, you can bet that's a
rare thing indeed. I can offer you no more help than that,
but it sounds like...a huge, gargantuan, swollen, bloated
mushroom! Well, good hunting, I suppose.

Cain - The witch Adria seeks a black mushroom? I know as much about
black mushrooms as I do about red herrings. Perhaps Pepin the
healer could tell you more, but this is something that cannot
be found in any of my stories or books.

Pepin - The witch told me that you were searching for the brain of a
demon to assist me in creating my elixir. It should be of great
value to the many who are injured by those foul beasts, if I
can just unlock the secrets I suspect that its alchemy holds.
If you can remove the brain of a demon when you kill it, I would
be grateful if you could bring it to me.

Gillian - I think Odgen might have some mushrooms in the storage cellar.
Why don't you ask him?

Wirt - I don't have any mushrooms of any size or color for sale. How
about something a bit more useful?

Adria - It's a big, black mushroom that I need! Now run off and get
it for me so that I can use it for a special concoction that
I'm working on.

Farnham - Odgen mixes a mean black mushroom, but I get sick if I drink
that. Listen, here's the secret---moderation is the key!

The Anvil of Fury

The best of the quests as I would see it. Fairly easy. Griswold
tells you about it and all you have to do is find and bring it to him
and voila...a powerful sword, "GRISWOLD'S EDGE" is at your disposal.
On my opinion, there are only two other swords better than this, namely
the "Grandfather" and "Grizzly Sword" and these are very hard to find.

*townsfolk's comments:

Odgen - Don't you think that Griswold would be a better person to ask
about this? He's quite handy, you know.

Griswold - Nothing yet, eh? Well, keep searching. A weapon forged upon
the anvil could be your best hope, and I am sure that I can
make you one of the legendary proportions.

Cain - Griswold speaks of the Anvil of Fury---a legendary artifact long
searched for, but never found. Crafted from the metallic bones
of the razor pit demons, the Anvil of Fury was smelt around the
skulls of the five most powerful magi of the underworld. Carved
with runes of power and chaos, any weapon or armor forged upon
this anvil will be immersed into the realm of chaos, imbedding
it with magical properties. It is said that the unpredictable
nature of chaos makes it difficult to know what the outcome of
this smithing will be...

Pepin - If you had been looking for information on the pestle of curing
or the silver chalice of purification, I could have assisted
you, my friend. However, in this matter, you would be better
served to speak to either Griswold or Cain.

Gillian - Griswold's father used to tell some of us when we were growing
up about a giant anvil that was used to make mighty weapons.
He said that when a hammer was struck upon this anvil, the
ground would shake with a great fury. Whenever the earth moves,
I always remember that story...

Wirt - If you were to find this artifact for Griswold, it could put
a serious damper on my business here. Aw, you'll never find it.

Adria - There are many aftifacts within the labyrinth that hold powers
beyond the comprehension of mortals. Some of these hold fantastic
power that can be used by either the light or the darkness.
Securing the anvil from below could shift the course of the
Sin War towards the light.

Farnham - Griswold can't sell his anvil. What will he do then? And I'd
be angry too if someone took my anvil!

HELL QUESTS (you'll get to solve three of these)


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HELL QUESTS (you'll get to solve three of these)

The Warrior of Blood

Another book-on-a-stand triggered quest, this one yields a LOT
of high-priced items(none unique though) that's sure to catch your
attention. You fight the Warrior of Blood, along with his own band of
minions just before you locate the stairway to the next level. The trick
is not to enter his room. Lure one knight at a time to chase you, and
you'll be fine.

*townsfolk's comments:

Odgen - I am afraid that I haven't heard anything about such a vicious
warrior, good master. I hope that you do not have to fight him,
for he sounds extremely dangerous.

Griswold - Dark and wicked legends surround the Warlord of Blood. Be
well prepared, my friend, for he shows no mercy or quarter.

Cain - I know of only one legend that speaks of such a warrior as you
describe. His story is found within the ancient chronicles of
the Sin War---stained by a thousand years of war, blood and death,
the Warlord of Blood stands upon a mountain of his tattered
victims. His dark blade screams a black curse to the living;
a tortured invitation to any who whould stand before this executioner
of hell. It is also written that although he was once a mortal
who fought beside the legion of darkness during the Sin War,
he lost his humanity to his insatiable hunger for blood.

Pepin - Cain would be able to tell you much more about something like
this than I would ever wish to know.

Gillian - If you are to battle such a fierce opponent, may light be
your guide and your defender. I will keep you on my thoughts.

Wirt - I haven't ever dealt with this warlord you speak of, but he sounds
like he's going through a lot of swords. Wouldn't mind supplying
his armies...

Adria - His prowess with the blade is awesome, and he has lived for
thousands of years knowing only warfare. I am sorry...I can
not see if you will defeat him.

Farnham - Always you gotta talk about blood? What about flowers, and
sunshine, and that pretty girl that brings the drinks. Listen
here, friend...you're obsessive, you know that?


Just when you've readied your best weapons, you find out this guy's
on your side, and needs your help. He begs of you to find a golden elixir
which is the only thing that could finally put him to rest (poor guy)
This elixir is found on the next level so you have to remember where
he was standing so you could come back up for him. He'll reward you with
one of these, "VEIL OF STEEL" and "GOTTERDAMERUNG" Both are helms and
both are worth trying.

*townsfolk's comments:

Odgen - You speak of a brave warrior long dead! I'll have no such talk
of speaking with departed souls in my inn yard, thank you very

Griswold - If it is actually Lachdanan that you have met, then I would
advise that you aid him. I dealt with him on several occasions
and found him to be honest and loyal in nature. The curse
that fell upon the followers of King Leoric would fall especially
hard upon him.

Cain - You claim to have spoken with Lachdanan? He was a great hero
during his life. Lachdanan was an honorable and just man who
served his king faithfully for years. But of course, you already
know that. Of those who were caught within the grasp of the king's
curse, Lachdanan would be the least likely to submit to thedarkness
without a fight, so I suppose that your story could be true.
If I were in your place, my friend, I would find a way to release
him from his torture.

Pepin - A golden elixir, you say. I have never concocted a potion of
that color before, so I can't tell you how it would effect you
if you were to try to drink it. As your healer, I strongly
advise that should you find such an elixir, do as Lachdanan
asks and do not try to use it.

Gillian - I've never heard of a Lachdanan before. I'm sorry, but I don't
think that I can be of much help to you.

Wirt - Wait, let me guess. Cain was swallowed up in a gigantic fissure
that opened beneath him, he was incinerated in a ball of hellfire,
and can't answer your questions anymore. Oh, that isn't what
happened? Then I guess you'll be buying something or you'll be
on your way.

Adria - You may meet people who are trapped within the labyrinth, such
as Lachdanan. I sense in him honor and great guilt. Aid him,
and you aid all of Tristram.

Farnham - Lachdanan is dead. Everybody knows that, and you can't fool
me into thinking any other way. You can't talk to the dead,
I know!


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Archbishop Lazarus (always included)

This time an item---a "Vile Staff" that rests on a stand triggers
your quest. Well, not exactly. You still have to present this staff to
Cain who'll identify it by saying it belongs to the Archbishop himself.
When you get back to the level where you found it, walk along to find
a red portal that leads to his corruptness' lair. Exit through the only
door you see, fighting your way through succubuses. You can go either
to the left or to the right, they contain the same problems. Just ignore
the jailed witches for a while, continue fighting, and when all's over,
stand on that grey circle and read the book on the stand beside it. You'll
be taken inside the room with the witches but this time the bars are lowered.
fight your way through them, go to the other side of the lair and do
just the same. When both sides are cleaned up, go back to where you
started and step on the grey circle. No book-on-a-stand to read this
time, you are instantly teleported beyond the wall---where Lazarus is.
Accompanying him are the unique succubuses, Red Vex and Black Jade
(boy, I'm starting to like this guy) and a multitude of succubuses
(oh yeah baby) along with fellow mages (yuck!) After he finishes talking
you can commence with the fight. I'd rather stay in the middle and
honorably fight them all at the same time, but I'd suggest, for beginners,
running away even before he finishes his speech. That way you can, one
by one, lure the witches, and the mages, and the uniques, into their
deaths. Deal with the playboy himself just as you did with Zhar (if
you faced him) and you're on your merry way to the Dark Lord.

*townsfolk's comments:

Odgen - Lazarus was the archbishop who led many of the townspeople into
the labyrinth. I lost many good friends that day, and Lazarus
never returned. I suppose he was killed along with most of the
others. If you would do me a favor, good master, please do not
talk to Farnham about that day.

Griswold - I was there when Lazarus led us into the labyrinth. He spoke
of holy retribution, but when we started fighting those hellspawn,
he did not so much as lift his mace against them. He just
ran deper into the dim, endless chambers that were filled
with the servants of darkness!

Cain - You must hurry and rescue Albrecht from the hands of Lazarus!
The prince and the people of this kingdom are counting on you...

Pepin - I was shocked when I heard of what the townspeople were planning
to do that night. I thought that of all people, Lazarus would
have had more sense than that. He was an archbishop, and always
seemed to care so much for the townsfolk of Tristram. So many
were injured, I could not save them all...

Gillian - I remember Lazarus as being a very kind and giving man. He
spoke at my mother's funeral, and was supportive of my grandmother
and myself in a very troubled time. I pray every night that
somehow, he is still alive and safe.

Wirt - Yes, the righteous Lazarus, who was sooo effective against those
monsters down there. Didn't help save my leg, did it? Look, I'll
give you a free piece of advice. Ask Farnham, he was there.

Adria - I did not know this Lazarus of whom you speak, but I do sense
a great comflict within his being. He poses a great danger,
and will stop at nothing to serve the powers of darkness which
have claimed him as theirs.

Farnham - They stab, then bite, then they're all around you. Liar! Liar!
They're all dead! Dead! Do you hear me? They just keep falling
and falling... their blood spilling out all over the floor...
all his fault...

Diablo (always included)

Of course this is always included! Why'd they call the game Diablo
in the first place? After you defeat Lazarus, go back through the red
portal and notice that the pentagram near it is now red, flashing, and
opened in the middle. Go through the opening and you land in the center
of another lair---Diablo's. It's made up of four rooms, each containing
a skull lever that opens the next. First thing you do is eradicate all
who are outside these rooms. They don't come in groups and if they do,
they're only composed of two to three members and that only happens if
you don't walk slowly and lure more than one at a time. One of the rooms
is already opened so you'll have to clear that too. Once everything's
quiet, it's time to turn on the noise again: Click on the next lever
to open the next room, eradicate all that moves, repeat the process for
the third room, create a town portal (by this time you must already know
what that is) to go back, prepare all you want, and get ready to face
the final challenge, er, challenges. Two skull levers are to be clicked
in order to open the last room. Both these levers are in the third room
so no sweat. Go to the last room, walking around it, one by one luring
knights ang mages alike to their deaths, and finally barging in to kill
the big red machine (no, not KANE!) inside. Don't forget to save the game
at the moment you killed him to maximize the number of experience points
you'll carry with you to your next adventure.

what Cain say's about this quest: (not required to acivate it)

Your story is quite grim, my friend. Lazarus will surely burn
in hell for his horrific deed. The boy that you describe is not our
prince! But I believe that Albrecht may yet be in danger. The symbol
of power that you speak must be a portal---to the very heart of the
labyrinth. Know this, my friend---the evil that you move against is
the dark Lord of Terror. He is known to mortal men, as Diablo. It was
he who was imprisoned within the labyrinth many centuries ago and I
fear that he seeks to once again sow chaos in the realm of mankind.
You must venture through the portal and destroy Diablo, before it is
too late...


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