Diablo 3 Game Setting



Diablo 3: Lands under Siege
most of the game/items will be same as diablo 2 but with a 4th level of items and putting the exceptional/elite items slightly lower on everything and normal will be able to get only normal weapons nightmare will only get except/elite weapons and only in hell can you have all 4 item classes......

all intelligent monsteres which will be an ability only on certain monsters will be able to grab potions off the ground and drink them and they will be able to run away if they feel they might die

All characters have ability to be male/female with new character types like
Blacksmiths(special abilitys to upgrade any item type and create new items that cannot be droped)
Beastmasters (ability to capture animals in game and either ride them or have them guard)
Smugglers(thieving skills can steal from new NPCs and have natural ability to use any type of item and all requirements are half of other chars)
Enchanters(ability to add dmg, elements, magic to melee attacks and take skills away from monsters)

New shrings like
Concealment shrine( enemies can't see u)
Animal Trap shrine( causes nearby monsters to be drawn to a timed bomb)
Followers Shrine( all monsters on screen become friendly and follow whoever touched shrine)
Hidded Chamber Shrines( open up portals to underground beast dungeons that are extremely hard but have high payoffs)
and special hidden shrines that look like other shrines but are really a Deadly diseas that lasts 5 minutes and cannot be healed but you'll spend 10k in gold to use potions to keep alive :)

NEW ACT1 Andariel is Dead and has taken the soul of Kasha and her amazon sisters are the boss Kasha sits on a platform shouting orders for her 10 amazons that come running from different areas of woods and if you don't kill each one fast enough by the end you'll have them all attacking u at once

NEW ACT2 Duriel is Dead and has taken the soul of Meshif and has Set Sail for a new world where you have to (first half of the act) kill the mini bosses Greiz and Geglash who are fast fighters with 20 or more followers surrounding them... (second half of the act) Exploring the new continent with 4 seperate quests to FIND Meshif and Bonus quest to hire a permanent Companion (randomly offered once per character creation never changes... can be 1 out of 1000 different companions with own skills advantages/disadvantages) then you have to save enough gold like 2 million to buy passage to Meshifs personal Island to search and destroy him and find a uber treasure that always drops a unique item once per char creation

NEW ACT3 Mephisto is Dead and has taken the soul of Natalya and has Flooded the swamps even more and bridges are no longer needed but standing in 1 spot for too long reduces life... and theres a 50% chance that a chest hidden stash etc will be a assassin lvl 20 trap ... once at the end of Durance lvl 3 you see a dead form of Mephisto on the ground and a hole in the wall with 10 levels furthermore to explore where Natalya is hiding anywhere in those 10 levels..... She must be killed....

NEW ACT4 Diablo follower Hephasto is workign ferverantly to restore Diablos spirit to his body with Ormus trapped and chained casting spells to revive Diablo .......All the mages have fled the sanctuary and have been replaced by necromancer undead that have the ability to revive monsters u kill to fight exclusively to protect their master .... 5 necro mancers in a new chaos sanctuary with 5 sides shaped like a pentagon with hephasto and ormus and diablo in the middle and once you kill the 5 necromancers Hephasto cames after u with blind rage while Diablo at the same time comes away from the dead and starts fighting Ormus .......... when u finally kill the enraged Hephasto diablo takes a deadly slash at ormus and he falls dead to the ground then looks at u and screams in rage then casts revive on ormus and brings him back from the dead to kill YOU......

if you can survive that

NEW ACT5 Baal is dead and Qual Kehk has gathered the barbarians together to train in smithing.... and they are all now working to keep Harrogath Safe.... but they've had a spell put on them by the enslaved Ormus years before that keeps them thinking that all players are their to restore BAAL back to his throne and enslave them once again..... so all through the act there are 50 Combat Trained Barbs with varying skills and the only way to finish the game is to kill all 50 and then find your way through a very long maze to reach the guarded fortress of Qual Kehk where u fight Qual Kehk who is healed by Malah continuously during the battle and larzuk is working with the 1 last good necromancer ressurecting the deadlist of barbs to help their master destroy the evil players questing to bring baal back to life



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omfg, its all the same!!!... too same, i mean revisiting the old diablo 2 would be great and all but this new idea has no innovation or no new lands to visit. and bsides there are belial and azmodan left...


its blizzard it can't be TOO new lol all their games from 1 to 2 to 3 are only slightly better and slightly added too .... thats why there games last so long and are so good .... don't change whats good lol.... they could make my version in little time and make tons of money off it ....lol