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Yes the almighty zerg spell caster! the unit that sets zerg apart from the other race!! i think you should post situstions in here of when you used em and how you retaliated!!
I don't use them much. :( I really should, but I forget! :(
I'm forgettful. Very forgettful.......


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Situation 1:
Make a line of Dark Swarm in front of Toss Cannons then send in the lings, or Plague the cannons either is good.
Situation 2:
People with lotsa Carriers are screwed when they meet my 9 Hydras (with Dark Swarm) and Scourge.
Situtaion 3:
Protect my buildings when im attacked by ranged units
Situtaion 4:
Usually people don't spread out their units, so you get an open oppurtunity to Plague em'

Emperor Pan I

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If u realy want a fast way to get rid of lots of cannons? then use darkswarm, then use like 6 lurkers. the splah damage reaches far back into the row of cannons, destroying everyone along the path. and i know that no one uses lurkers but they are ****ing awsome. 5 lurkers, killed about 50-60 of my opponents hydras, think about how little lurkers cost compaired to the amount 60 hydras cost. now put your brains together and tell me how much cash that guy just wasted. and then he will need to bring an overlord. and nott many ppl upgrade em fast enough. so in that period i attack and win cause of my lurkers. otherwise i would have been screwed. and dark swarming cannons and plagueing them combined with lurkers will own everyone. not even lings could kill cannons that fast.
I agree, lurkers are one of the most powerful forces of Zerg.

No other race has the ability to burrow and allot of peeps are afraid of Zerg. Everyone is so use to metal blades and armored tanks, but not use to animal creatures with natural abilities.

Mother-nature always prevails over man-made objects...go Zerg go!!!


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Dunno how I missed this thread. Defilers are the best. When used correctly, they are unfair to other races. Plague is one of the most devastating abilities and dark swarm is even better. It's hard to imagine anyone who could beat a combination of: HYDRAS + LURKERS + DEFILERS. Those 3 create the ultimate combination IMO. The lurkers are melee, so they will kill any zealots that rush under the dark swarm, while your hydras will kill anything outside of the dark swarm, essentially making you invincible. The only things you'd need to watch out for would be: Tanks and other lurkers. Other than that, nothing would really beable to touch you, assuming you had alot of lurkers (atleast 6-8).

Since I dont have brood war though, I have to settle for the Ultras + Hydra + Defiler combo... but it's almost as good ;)

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I was wondering when you would show up skuZZy, you always seem to love the defiler. well I dont use the defiler alot like in 30% of my games, i like to drop instead of use the front of the enemys base. plague and dark swarm is obviously the top magic spell along with recall and EMP. but the defiler has no attack so if i see you bringing a defiler i could use emp shock wave which would mae em useless. unless you consume which is also a good thing for the defiler. bring along like 12 lings just for food and keep using magic.(they don't call it magic, its supoosed to be like skills or technology or whatever, but when it comes down to it its magic) i even once dropped a defiler in an enemy s base, plagued the scvs and used darkswarm, then dropped my main units in. defilers are a great support unit and im just rambling on and on.


im sorry
(im not that bad)

but what dose plague do
i get the idea that it takes units down to 1 helth or summat
but does it jsut affeect one unit er waht?


It effects many units. It drains up to 300 hit points from the units/buildings targeted.

Renzokuken, in ZvZ i use muta/ling because it is more mobile. Mutas cant attack units under dark swarm so it's kind of a waste there.


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So all I gotta do is be Protoss, get Dark Archons, Mind Control a Zerg Drone, Mutate into Zerg hatchery etc etc. get a Defiler mound, make defilers & get Plague. Then Mind Contol a Terran SCV and tech to Science Vessels w/ EMP Shockwave and cast Plague and EMP Shockwave simultaneously on to a Protoss building.. Easy As Pie.



you can't really mind control on eof thier guyz

unless theyre defences are all held up and you have them in complete chaos

but its more useful when they're massing bc's


how many of you acutalli build MANY dark archons?

i only build max of two

im not crash hot on spellcasting