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Jul 23, 2011
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I had this idea a year ago and I didn't realize I could do it until just recently, when I learned about the "import/export" item feature on Hero Editor. The basic idea was that I always wanted to create practical, yet useful and fun, items, and create a way to "Earn" these items without completely destroying the "fun" and "Grind" of playing Single Player.
[This "idea is based solely on Single Player].

First, let me apologize if my thread is posted in the wrong forum.

Second, I have no programming knowledge of any kind. The closest I have gotten to programming is working with Hero Editor and creating scenario's on Warcraft III's world editor. So if my "Idea" is a bit primitive, this is why. If there are less primitive ways to pull off what I have conceived, please explain.

Some of the primitive ways I do thing are 1. That I use actual die to determine variable odds [I am aware of sites like random[Dot]com, however it still seems easier to just roll the die] 2. I write and organize everything down on Wordpad and manually, through Hero Editor, set my "idea" in motion.

Thirdly, I am aware that this method of playing deteriorates the "grind" and makes the game a bit less challenging. However, I find that, after playing "The Grind" for so many years, I finally wanted something different and more exciting. First I started my using GoMule to do what people call "Twinkering" [Or something like that?]. However, that was only fun after a few characters and wasn't really fun unless I played classic. I have found that what I appreciate most at this point, is character progress. I like seeing my character evolve and improve constantly, but not in a way that eliminates the challenge and fun of the game, so I keep it practical. That is what my idea accomplishes.

Now let me finally get to explaining my idea in full detail.

~~~| Step 1 |~~~
I created 6 sets of gear. [Not to be confused with Set Items]
A set being 1 piece of everything [1 Body Armor, 1 Gloves, 1 Boots, 1 Ring, 1 Ammy, 1 SC, 1 LC, 1 GC, 1 Jewel, Etc Etc.].
Each pair of sets being tied to each difficulty. So, if you're following me, there are two sets of gear per difficulty.
There are two sets, one for Melee Characters and the other for Caster Characters.

So to put it more visually.

Normal Gears
Caster Armor
Melee Armor
Caster Weapon
Melee Weapon
...and so on

Nightmare Gears
Caster Armor
Melee Armor
Caster Weapon
Melee Weapon
...and so on

Hell Gears
Caster Armor
Melee Armor
Caster Weapon
Melee Weapon
...and so on

~~~| Step 2 |~~~
I then set up a system to acquire these items. There are two parts to this system.
Part A: The Raffle
Part B: The Credits and Shop

The raffle is where the die comes in. After each time your character levels you get a random "Raffle Roll". At the stage my idea is at now [It will only get more complex and practical the more I fiddle with it], I roll a die based on what difficulty I am in. The first die, a D20, decides what kind of gear I get and is set up like so:

-When your character buys or "wins" an item, you simply open hero editor, [Hopefully you've got the items you need already exported] and import/make the items you've acquired.
-The numbers in bold are the the #'s decided by the D20, whereas the numbers in parenthesis are the die you roll to decide which of those items you "win".
-When it comes to the raffle, difficulties are referred to "Tiers", normal gear being Tier 3 and hell gear being Tier 1.
-I am aware that the odds for each item are almost even at this point, but that's because I'm still in the "testing phase" and I want to make sure each item is still balanced according to it's rarity.
-Ignore the special items odd. Its pretty much the overpowered section of gear I created which incorporates custom sets and "class specific" gear. I have yet to balance these and am still in the middle of creating them.

1-3 [D10]
Teir 3 Caster Armor 1
Teir 3 Caster Shield 2
Teir 3 Caster Weapon 3
Teir 3 Caster Helm 4
Teir 3 Caster Boots 5
Teir 3 Caster Gloves 6
Teir 3 Caster Belt 7
Teir 3 Caster Ring 8
Teir 3 Caster Amulet 9
+10 Credits, roll again - 0

4-6 [D10]
Teir 3 Melee Armor 1
Teir 3 Melee Shield 2
Teir 3 Melee Weapon 3
Teir 3 Melee Helm 4
Teir 3 Melee Boots 5
Teir 3 Melee Gloves 6
Teir 3 Melee Belt 7
Teir 3 Melee Ring 8
Teir 3 Melee Amulet 9
+10 Credits, roll again - 0

7-9 [D8]
Tier 3 SC of choice - 1-4
Tier 3 LC of choice - 5-7
Tier 3 GC of choice - 8

x3 Low rune of choice - 10-12 [From original roll]
Mid rune of choice - 13 [From original roll]

Tier 3 Jewel of choice

Tier 3 Experience Charm

Special item of choice + Roll again

~~~| Step 3 |~~~
The second part is the credits system. Along with getting a raffle roll at each level, your character also gets 10 credits towards buying from the "Shop". Other ways to acquire credits are:
1. Completing an act awards 25 Credits.
2. Completing a difficulty [Baal quest] awards an additional 25 credits [So you get 50 instead of 25 for killing Baal for the quest].
3: Exchanging Tokens for 50 Credits a piece. I decided that this was the "end game" grind option to keep you playing your character even after you've defeated Hell Baal and reached a ridiculous level [Therefor making credits hard to come by anymore].

The details on the store itself aren't necessary, as it's completely up to you on how you want it to operate. You decide the prices, the items/services available, and what levels and difficulty restrictions these purchasable items have. Just as you can decide and adjust the raffle odds to fit your preferences.

I personally also use the store to compensate for things in the game which I find unfair to certain builds and classes.

For instance, the fact that any character outside of a paladin that could be better using Spirit shield, has to deal with a monarchs unwieldy 156 strength requirement. I don't really like that. So I made it possible [Yet expensive] to buy a 4 socket Kite Shield in the shop.

I also compensate for other shortcomings, such as the lack of Mercenary gear available at lower levels. Because, think about it, until you can throw Fort on and acquire an Andys or Vampire Gaze, mercs don't have much to offer you. I created a section of the shop where you can buy mercenary helms and armor [The more you spend on it and the higher the difficulty you're in, the more powerful it can be]. I also made the armor to have a level 5 conviction for your merc. Anyone who has made it to nightmare and hell on Single Player knows how lame immunes can get and how fast they can make you throw your hands up and stop playing your character before you've reached the end.

I created a section of the shop where you can [Although limited] customize jewels. The more credits you put into the jewel, the more powerful you can make it.

Lastly, I created a rune shop, where, based on your level and difficulties completed, you can purchase runes for an inflated price.

~~~| Ending Statements |~~~

I have played 4 characters past level 50 with this system and it works great. The game is made easier, however, the challenge is still there. You still have a realistic chance of dying if you aren't careful and you're not 1 hitting everything at any point as long as you keep the game on "Players 8".

This system, with the unique gear I have created, creates a fresh new experience for those who are burnt out on the same Single Player grind. It gives you that feeling of character perfection that playing online can, since you have limited access to high end runewords and equally powerful, yet balanced gear.

However, if you decide to try it yourself, it will only be as fun as how balanced your items and probabilities are made. One overpowered item can ruin the grind. I tried to make each item do one of two things.

1: Do something no other gear does, such as use a certain non-class skill like "10% chance to cast level 10 bone armor when struck" or boots with "75% chance to cast a level 15 Blaze when you kill an enemy".
2: Do something which compensates for a lack thereof in the game such as an immense amount of mana or attack rating balanced with less powerful mods. I mean, anyone who has played single player extensively know what I mean when I say, in hell, attack rating and mana are hard to come by, yet very crucial [Especially attack rating].

I am not going to take credit for this kind of idea and personally, I'd like to know if this kind of thing is done often and if there is a name for it. I would be foolish to think I am the first to think of such an idea. Although some, if not most, of you are going to criticize my idea into the abyss for being "Too easy". It's really just about playing Diablo II in a different and more interesting way, rather than getting burnt out after awhile.

Just so some of you get an idea of what kind of items I create, here are a few.

Tier 3 Caster Boots [Although practical on any character really]
20% Frw
+1 to Thunder Storm [Non-class, meaning any character can use it].
+10 Str.
+10 Dex

Tier 3 Melee Belt
+20 Str.
+5% All resist
+10 Life

Tier 2 Melee Ring [I named it Bone Master hehe]
5% Faster Block Rate
5% Bonus Atk Rating
5% Life Leech
10% chance to cast level 15 Bone Armor when struck
10% chance to cast level 25 Bone Spirit when struck

Tier 2 Caster Gloves [I named them Corruption (No suffix :D).
+10 to Mind Blast [Non-class, meaning any character can use it].
+10% Faster Cast Rate
+20 Str.
+20 Dex.

As you might have noticed, I kind of came up with my mod ideas just based on the Rare Names I gave them. I started from scratch and looked through the names to name my Ring. I saw Bone and Master. I said, well, It would be cool to theme this ring towards it's name and keep it melee beneficial at the same time. The same applied to the Corruption gloves.

Thanks for reading my ridiculous wall of text explaining my ridiculous and primitive idea for refreshing the single player experience lol