CS Galaxies and Chosen Space


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Now, i'm sorry if this is spam but i couldnt find a better place :p


CS galaxies is a free online space Trading and Combat game created by Torin Solo. It allows you to take on any role and become rich or powerful :D Its great for people who like starwars/star trek and the like ;) You take control of a starship and can follow many careers to make money, or build an empire :)

The link is: CS Galaxies - Free Browser Based Space Strategy Game
But if your feeling mean and dont wanna get me a referral: CS Galaxies - Free Browser Based Space Strategy Game



Chosenspace is very similar to CSG, but it is more advanced (In fact, its version 2 - CSG was CS Version 1 before the name changed :p ). This game allows you to control multiple ships, but is based on the original :)

The link is: Chosen Space - Space Trading / Combat Massive Multiplayer Online Game
Again, mean epopel click: Chosen Space - Space Trading / Combat Massive Multiplayer Online Game :p

In both games my name is the same as here, so if you ever need help just message me :)

Starting help:

CSG: Start in the Solian Galaxy in a MS-200, that is the best way to get yourself started :)

CS: Homeworld: Jahib, Jexian System
Ship: V2 Miner

Again, best :p


As i said, sorry if i broke a rule with this thread :( Just wanted you all to know about some great free online games :p


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Is it a trading card game? Because I was pretty sure I was out of that fad with Pokemon cards.


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Update: The game died a while back but a few of the gamers from Chosen Space are rebuilding / replaying it through librecommand.com

This is for those of you who used to play chosen space and want to reconnect with your friends from there. (Also since we are building it, we can make sure the economy doesn't crash into the ground like the previous game did XD )


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