Clans Welcome


Premium Member is glad to now be supportive of clans. If you are a member of a clan, please invite your clan to relocate to a subforum on Battleforums. All clans are welcome and we only ask that you get 3 members of the clan to make atleast 10 posts each and a minimum of 20 clan members total before requestion a subforum OR have a clan of 50+ active members.

We'd also love for you to try and get all your friends together to try and start a clan (we just ask that you meet to requirements listed above.

In the time to come we plan on having a TON of features and resources for clans and look forward to offering them to our members.


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Please post your requests to have your clan's subforum added by posting a new thread in the "Featured clans" category (this post is in that category ;) )
Wow really generous of you to do this for free for the clans. I have seen very few forums even willing too give away subforums and then only willing to give away subforums for paying sponsors to advertise so this is something new and nice. Thank you!