Champions of Norrath RPG


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If you have played Champions of Norrath for PS2, please stay out of this. I am basing everything in this RPG directly on the game. Okay, I need 3 other players, and new characters will be need to be made specifically for this RPG...based on the races/classes I give you.

Human Barbarian-melee fighter, classic
Wood Elf Ranger-bow fighter, classic
High Elf Cleric-holy magic and melee fighter
Erudite Wizard-elemental magic
Dark Elf Shadowknight-mix of melee and necromancy

My character will be Jakkar Nightblade, a Wood Elf Ranger. Lets leave it at that. Throughout the story, I will allow your characters (and mine) to level up and gain new abilities. All start at level 1. Max level is 50.

Background will come later once the characters are figured out...
I'll play as...well, I'll play as an Erudite. Haven't played Norrath, but I've been on EQ, so I understand it a little. Not much though. If you've got an idea for a good name, tell me, please. I have no idea where to begin naming an Erudite.
"If you have played Champions of Norrath for PS2, please stay out of this."
Do you mean, 'If you have not played Champions of Norrath for PS2, please stay out of this.'?
Supposing that's not the case, I'd be a Darkelf Shadowknight, named Darkenn Elsire.


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((I meant if you HAVE played it stay out. This RPG is going to follow the game's storyline to a tee, and if you've played the game, you'll know everything ahead of time. That's why players of the game should keep away.))
Ahh. Okay. That makes sense.
Well, good for me then =)


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((I know that...haven't gotten it...YET! Definitely will though...One more player and we can get under way.))


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((All right, we're going to start the RPG, which is why I am double-posting. First of all, we are all level one...I have no spells yet, the wizard has only Frost Bolt (a weak ice attack) and an upgradeable healing ability called Bind higher levels the regeneration rate goes up. The Shadowknight has a spell called Disease Bolt, which fires a bolt of contagion that at higher levels has tracking to a small extent. The Shadowknight also has Bind Wound. I start with a blunt sword and a weak bow with 40 arrows...the wizard has a weak single-handed staff. The Shadowknight starts with a blunt sword. We are all clad in weak, ragtag armor. We each start with 500 gold.))

The scene is this:

The orcs and goblins are attacking the Faydark Forest, home of the wood elves. They are being driven by an unknown force that has united them under one banner. At this very moment, in the treetop town that we are in, goblins have massed and are attacking. The elven king Leithkorias has requested our aid in ridding the Faydark of this menace. We start in the throne platform before Leithkorias. There is but one path away, a small ramp leading to the rest of the town.

Jakkar>"Shall we begin our quest?"

R'Kaia DrachenFeuer

((Oooh, I would much prefer to play as a Shadowknight, but you know me. Eh, I'm tempted to just watch this one, anyway...but if you'll let me play... :usad Ah, whatever. You're the boss.))


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(( can play...your startout stuff is identical to the above listings for the Shadowknight up top. And your character's name is would be....?))
((It should be R'Kaia. It's a pretty awesome name in the first place.))

"We should start now. The goblins could break through the defenses at any minute." Ian shifts from foot to foot, slightly nervous.
Hmm. You might want to tell us a little more about our situation. If we were to leave now, where would we be fighting? Would we be fighting hundreds of goblins and orcs within the forest, or we will meet them just outside of it, with a band of only a few dozen, or what? Also, as for my weapon, would it be okay if I had a wristblade perhaps? Otherwise, could I have a shortsword?

Elsire: "We will fight when we fight. When matters little to me."


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((Ummm....I'd prefer to keep the storyline pretty the weapons you get will depend on Sr. DM...namely moi. Maybe in time you'll get some wristblades, but for now just make do with watcha got.

And...just as in the game...we can't leave until the Goblins are gone from Kelethin. I think there'll be about 32 in the town, so once we find them and kill them, we can take the elevator down to Lesser Faydark, which will have a couple types of hostile wildlife an quite the mass of Goblins lurking about. So......I vote we get moving.))
((Ummm....I'd prefer to keep the storyline pretty the weapons you get will depend on Sr. DM...namely moi. Maybe in time you'll get some wristblades, but for now just make do with watcha got.
Ah. Okay. Took me a while to realize what you meant by 'Sr. DM...namely moi' lol.

So......I vote we get moving.))
Waitin' on you two X_X


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((Okay, for now, R'kaia won't be in it, cuz she's not on a whole lot. If she decides to join us, we'll bring her in. As it is, let's go ahead and get this under way.))

We're standing in the royal platform of the Heartwood Master of the Elves, Liethkorias. Jakkar shifts his equipment and says "I think we aughta get to the other side of Kelethin, and take out these goblins before they cause too much harm." This said, he draws his bow and readies an arrow. He starts down the small ramp to the rest of Kelethin. They walk across several platforms, finding myriad barrels that they smash open, finding three minor health potions, two mana vials, and about 60 gold, which Jakkar pockets for safekeeping. They begin to see smoke in the distance, evidence of goblin activity. They walk across a large platform, finding two stone pedestals, one with a blue crystal atop it, and another with a sphere. As Jakkar touches the pedestal with the crystal, it begins to hum with energy. The team realizes that this is a portal between areas, and touching it activates it for later use. The other pedestal flashes brilliantly, and the sphere begins to glow blue. It seems that this tower has the ability to raise fallen teammates...could be handy.

They continue on, past the Elven shop and into the main living area of Kelethin. Many huts are ablaze, which explains the smoke. Several wood elves are running to combat a team of five goblins which are putting up a decent fight. In other parts of the town, more of their comrades can be heard. The team of adventurers draws their weapons and plunges into battle.

Jakkar draws his bowstring, takes aim, and lets loose an arrow at the nearest goblin, hitting it in the shoulder and knocking it back. Another arrow speeds out and smacks deep into the goblin's chest, and the goblin slumps to the ground. The others become more wary, and put up their shields, making more archery useless. Hand to hand will have to do for now. He slings the bow over his shoulder and draws his sword.

((Okay, guys. We'll start by fighting these guys. Now, as we progress, our characters will get better, but for now we are no glory death strikes here...our attacks should be clumsy and unskilled...luckily the goblins will be just as pathetic.))
Ian spoke the arcane words required for his spell. A bolt of frost flew from his fingers, buzzing through the air. Ian's aim, however, was extremely poor. As the frost bolt flew, it dropped, and only succeeded in tripping up one of the goblins. "Damn...I need to work on my aim."


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"That's okay,'ll get better, I know it!" Jakkar charged in and aimed a strike at the downed goblin, intending to decapitate it. The goblin rolled to block the blow with his forearm, which was clad in a nice pair of leather gauntlets. The blade was slightly deflected, but Jakkar recovered and kicked the goblin in the face, stunning it and allowing him to plunge his blade into the goblin's chest. Jakkar was about to jerk his blade out when one of the other goblins kicked him in the head, knocking him dizzy and sending him sprawling.

((May need a little help here))
Elsire charges at one of the goblins and kicks it with all his force, knocking it into the rest, and uses their moment of surprise to stab one, but as he pulls the sword out, a pair of the goblins slash at him, and succeeds, for the most part, in avoiding the attacks, but still getting a pair of cuts down his chest.