Trailer Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


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this trailer. this is not how modern warfare is conducted. too many music stings and the graphics aren't heavy enough. I want unbearable realism. I want games that crush my soul. That tell me that nothing will ever be okay again. That I may as well keep playing because this code, once compiled is static but outside it's getting worse. I want to desperately thank god that it's only a computer screen.


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i am not sure ,but i think this1 must be 1 of best fps games right? i mean graphic is just LOL. but whatever i am just oldschool CS player .


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CoD : MW2 is going to be a very good game and most of the top clans on the
Xbox 360 / PC / PS3 are going to it. It is going to be the biggest selling game ever. Its going to sell more copies than CoD4.