Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: Review


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The first franchise departure from World War II! I think that alone is enough to earn a round of applause. Anyways, as the name implies, the focus this go round is on modern warfare. You are either the British SAS or American Marine Force Recon, and you're pitted against either the Arabs or Russians in a story set in the present day.

The single player is very fun. There's many things to choose from. However, it is simply too short. On the Normal difficulty, it only takes about six hours to beat. While cranking the difficulty up a notch is supposed to add length, but that just feels like a cheap way to do things.

Arguably the best part of the game is the multiplayer modes. Live play is excellent, and could possibly be better than Halo 3's (depending on where your fanboyism lies). Fast paced, lots of weapons, awesome maps and little lag. There is even customizable weapons and perks (special abilities) that add more depth to the multiplayer. There is tons of content to unlocked by continue to play, which is a bonus.

Offline multiplayer isn't as cool. You don't have access to the weapon and perk customization and you're forced to pick the preset classes. You also can't do split-screen and system link simultaneously, which is unfortunate.

If you want a good online game, buy this. If you're looking for any sort of fulfilling solo game, I'd advise you to pick something else.

Dark Blade gives this game an A-.