Building order?


Nov 29, 2003
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Anyone got a solid quik building order they want to post to help out me and other orc users?

burnning acid

Feb 5, 2004
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here is a simple build order for orc :
3 peons mine gold
-1st build a barrack
-2nd build a burrow
-3rd build an altar
-then let them get lumber
-build 2 more peons mine gold
-when barrack is done make 2 grunts
-when altar is done make a hero
-build a voodo store
-at the time your ist grunt comes out build a burrow
-then mke 4 or 5 peons: 1 mine gold 3/4 mine lumber
-when your hero is done you will have your 2 grunts ready
-build a warmill
-then make PILLAGE and upgrade as soon you have the 190 lumber
-make 3 more grunts and build a second barrack
-keep getting grunts till you have stronghold
-then build a loudge and upgrade lightning shield and get some shaman
-then upgrade to fortress and upgrade your grunts
-build some demoilishers and headhunters for antiair
-upgrade your shaman and get some more
-upgrade to beserkers
oh and get some taurens or windriders

that is the most common strat for orcs meanwhile keep making burrows;)


Feb 4, 2004
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here my strat

- immediatly when game start take a peon and make Altar
- put 3 peon at gold
- make 1 peon with townhall
- 1 peon make a burrow
- make 2 more peons at townhalll
- the first peon coming out goes to gold
- the second coming out going to wood and when u reach the ressource needed to make a barrack build it with the one at wood
- after the altar is done put peon at wood
- the one who make the burrow at wood too
- make a far seer
- make 2 or 3 peon with townhall they will all go at wood
- when u reach the needed to make a burrow make a second burrow with peon at wood
- when ur hero is done go scout with wolf
- when ur barrack is done and u mad ur first grunt start to creep small place
-(note that during ur making ur grunts u can harrass ur ennemi)

Now u have one altar , one barrack , 2 burrow , probly 6 peons at wood if im sure

pass to tier 2

during tech make a third burrow and voodoo
- make a lumberhill
- ( always keep creeping)
- when u pass tier 2 make ur second hero
- start to make demolisher like 2 or 3 will be good
- ( continue to make grunts) like 8 or 9
- (upg the grunts rage feat)
- pass tier 3
- make shaman barrack
- tech shaman
- make shaman

I usually dont go that far its enough for me

Here what i do on an offensive strike

grunts are tankers with Ct , Fs and Shaman at the back

bring some or ur peon at wood to repair catalpult during the fight
or make towers

if u got a good micro chance to win is at the nearly top :D

have fun