BF Shop Update!


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After giving in to numerous requests to modify our existing shop hack, I've set the general forums to give 25% the Gil rates for creating threads, posting, and people viewing your threads. Below is a list of the rates broken down for each action, per forum.

Create Thread
Gaming Forums: 2 Gil
General Forums: 0.5 Gil

Post Reply
Gaming Forums: 1 Gil
General Forums: 0.25 Gil

Gaming Forums: 0.10 Gil
General Forums: 0.025 Gil

Cobalt Wolf

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You know, I kinda like that idea...
seeing as how I just got WoW and will be posting in there a lot now.


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Aw man....guess I'mma have to wip out the ole' WC3 again, cause I'm in need of a name change.


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wow... i get about 2 gil in 5 minutes without posting (gg stickies gg)


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For the views, if you just refresh A LOT of times, won't that be an easy way to get some gil?


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Gil, thats still around? I forgot all about that, lol...

A raise is nice, but the views could be exploited rather easy don't you think?
yo imma make a bot so it can go to all the forums as many times i like..


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General Forums: 0.025 Gil

this was a stupid idea at the fact that, if you get 1 view, it rounds UP. so if you have to deposite 4.38 into the bank, and you really have 4.375 it will shay that you do not have enough if you type 4.38!!!!



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RisenDeMoN said:
Loving the 2+ Gaming forums.
That is all the gaming forums.
this is pretty cool.. my gil is racking up

Pains Requiem

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bank :p
which is under StoreV


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They're temporarily offline. We recently upgraded BattleForums to version 3.0.7, and while we wait for some technicians to take a look at a couple problems we've been having with our server, we can't re-install the BF Shop Hack just yet.

But trust me, when we get it back up, you'll love it. ;)