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For those interested in a Diablo 2/LoD, Warcraft III/TFT, Starcraft/BW, or Half-life (TFC, CS, and DoD) clan, you may be interested in JAM Empire.

JAM Empire has been around for about 6 years, originally created on the Jediknights servers, it has since expanded to Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft, and Halflife (and may expand to other games in the future, like CoD and SWG).

JAM Empire has roughly 200 members between in it's divisions, including nearly 100 members in Diablo JAM Empire (split between USEast and USWest servers).

We are a military based clan, we uphold honor, respect, and dignity among our members. We use military ranks, and some military protocol.

If you are interested in joining JAM Empire, please see our webpage:

For those interested in Diablo JAM Empire, you can view our webpage at:

Please feel free to contact someone if you would like to be recruited.