Any of you follow tourney's?

Wing Zero

lol just as planned
The thing i like about starcraft is that people like me will never be good at the game but its fun as hell to watch others play.

Since /v/ is down i been watching the Averatec-Intel Classic here

I gotta say. Koreans take this game very serious to a point that i laff at the audience some times. Theres been some funny matches with stuff like building a heart in the middle of the map while raping someone.

Final game is TvZ

i hope this negro wins


I think that if you would have a basic search online would find some material on that……may be a guide or a e-book……but in my opinion the best way to master a game is to play it on an on and the experience you have against your competitors will be the ultimate resource of learning. You can always play the game online and learn from that. There is dominoes game which is a good online portal for dominoes players to make them more advanced with games against different players around the globe.


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Renzo, Protoss is dominating the pro scene right now. PvZ is no longer considered auto win for zerg.:hxc:D

Wing Zero

lol just as planned
and terrans gotten boring to watch. excpecially tvt i