Another lame introduction


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Well, to anyone who bothers reading the newbie introductions, hello...I am ph0enix. 25 years old and female, currently living in ABQ, NM. As for what games I much as I hate to say it out loud, about the only thing I really play anymore is WoW. Sometimes I'll blow the dust off my copy of Sacred 2 and fiddle with it for a few hours, but pretty much..if I'm diving into a game, it's probably going to be WoW. I love the ideas behind WC and SC, but I'm terribad at RTS games, so I try to stay away. D2 was my favorite game of all time, and I'm so bummed that it has kind of fallen by the wayside. Can't wait for D3 to be released, if it ever is...I'm starting to wonder if Blizz isn't just teasing us all. Really, though, I'll play anything someone sits me down in front of, especially if I have someone to play it with.
I suppose I tend towards RPG's the majority of the time, anyways. Kingdom Hearts is probably my second favorite. (Have you ever looked at the voice cast for that? My mind was blown...)
Well, I think I'll stop rambling now. Thanks for reading.