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An oddly serious thread from Static. (in poetic form)

Discussion in 'Chat & Discuss' started by Static, Feb 19, 2014.

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    Jul 19, 2003
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    Joe's Garage.
    I've recently started to crawl my way out of hell. Dark and dismal as it was, always keeping me there with weighted restraints.

    It's funny how darkness works. Something so terrible and frightening becomes liberating and soothing. Even now, as I see the light and feel burdens melt away I turn back into the abyss, to that familiar suffocating hug of familiarity.

    But alas. Complacency is the downfall of the human mind. One must continue out of the depths and into new ground. New scary things, but only because they are from outside the comfort of the darkness which I have dwelt for so long.

    With the sun warming my face and the sky brightening my smile I turn back once more and let my gaze linger. Why does it seem so much easier to climb back in? To go back to the agony and despair of the deep then to climb and embrace the joys from the human world.

    I have seen hell, I have been through the darkness that clouds and retards progression. It was a long time in the mud, but finally I have gotten my barrings. I am ready to climb to see new horizons.