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Jan 20, 2003
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The New Zerg

This is a story of the Dark Templars and the Deadly Six’s struggle against the race, the Zerlites. The names of the Deadly Six are Zark (the leader), Zam (the sniper), Zim (the rocket trooper), Zan (the gunner), Zoe (the medic), and Zack (the hotwire). They all have names like this because they were once captured by the Zerlites. They gave them names that began with Z. This is their story...

Earth was almost completely destroyed by the Zerlites until the deadly six came and gave Earth some powerful weapons. Planet Earth won, but the Zerlites are still at large. The President sent the Deadly Six to hunt down the alien race. It is 4:00 A.M. on the planet Ziehr. The group of elite space troopers has landed on the planet’s unstable surface. Most of the land is molten lava and living dirt. The living dirt is a super toxic dirt that actually comes alive when the Zerlites are in trouble. Spirits of dead Zerlites inhabit the dirt and use it to their advantage, but only a Zerlite priest can make it aid them. The Deadly Six already knew that because the Zerlites inhabited another planet and the Deadly Six eradicated them from that planet. When the group set up their base for the night, they had an unexpected visitor. His name was Vucan; he was a Dark Templar.

He told the group that the Zerlites are a highly evolved state of the race the Zerg. He told them even though his ancestors destroyed the Zerg race, scientists of Earth were rearranging the Zerg’s DNA and caused them to evolve. The scientists created them thinking the highly evolved Zerg would be good to the human civilization, but it wasn’t. The Zerlites broke out of their captivity cells and made special ships to go to an empty planet and built up their race. They did. Half went to the planet Ziehr, and half stayed to attack the planet Earth. After knowing that, the Dark Templar vanished in front of their eyes. The Deadly Six deserved some rest, and in the morning when they woke up, a scout from the Zerlites captured them and took them to a dungeon. The only thing the Deadly Six didn't know was that the Zerlites could speak. They didn't speak English, but they understood it. The Zerlites spoke their own language. The way the Zerlites spoke to them was through other humans. They talked to the Deadly Six through a human they captured when the Zerlites fled from Earth. They had a lengthy conversation, and the Deadly Six were set to be exiled at dawn.

When it was almost dawn, the wall shattered down and a group of Dark Templars rescued them. They broke the wall with their swords. Their swords can virtually cut through anything. The Deadly six thought the Dark Templar Vucan was a scout for the Zerlites. He wasn’t; he left to gather a group of Dark Templars. “Are you surprised to see a whole group of Dark Templars?†Asked Vucan.

“I am, but I thought your ancestors trying to save humanity wiped out the whole Protoss race,†said Zark.

“ The thing you don't know about Protoss is, that we have a special outer shell, that when we get hit with magical spells or power from the crystals, the outer shell falls off and we are still alive, but we are vulnerable to attacks for 24 hours,†said Vucan.

“ So where is your planet?†Asked Zark.

“ It is invisible; we built a special cloaking device to hide the entire planet,†said Vucan.

“ Let’s get out of here before the Zerlites come,†said Zark. They all vanished into the darkness.

The sun started to rise, and a massive wave of Zerlites came after them. They stopped about fifty yards away. The zerlites thought there was only six. Zam was lining up his shot from between two boulders. He had a shot to kill ten of them. He shot; the ten Zerlites died, and ten more died instantaneously by the cloaked Dark Templars. The Zerlites moved in attack and about ten minutes later the force of Zerlites was gone. The group was just about unstoppable.

“ We have to move fast and lightly; we have to attack now while their guard is down,†said Vucan. The group moved forward to a small base of the Zerlites. When they arrived there, the base seemed completely deserted. The group halted for twenty seconds.

Then Zoe said, “Why is the ground beginning to shake?â€

“ Everyone spread out and find the Zerlite priest! He is trying to call upon the spirits of the dead Zerlites to help in battle!†said Vucan. Zim found the priest and killed him, but he was too late! Zoe and Zack were taken to the spirit realm. Zim took that personally and went on a firing rampage. He didn’t stop until there weren’t any buildings left on the base.

“ Its no use Zim, we cant get them back,†said Zark.

“ I know, but Zack was my brother,†said Zim sadly.

“ We have to keep moving on; the Zerlites know we’re coming now,†said Vucan. They left, but it would be at least five hours to reach the next base. When they arrived there, a Protossian was standing in the ruins of an empty base.

“ Who is that, Vucan?†asked Zark

“ I think it is a Protoss warlord,†Said Vucan. The Protossian began to speak.

“ I am the warlord Sanzar. I have come to aid you in battle. Just call upon my name when you are in need of my help. Farewell, my friends.â€

“ We will,†said the whole group. The group rested at the destroyed base. The next morning the group set out for the last two bases. They had walked for three hours, and a wave of Zerlites came after them. The wave wasn't very big, so the group was able to stop them. The next two hours the group was still walking, until they got over a mountain to find the base.

“Get down Zam!†yelled Zark.

“Sorry wasn't paying attention because of the heat,†said Zam.

They came up with a plan since Zam is an elite sniper. They told him to pick the Zerlites off one by one, and to kill them in different areas of the base to confuse them. Zam killed at least fifty Zerlites. While the Zerlites were confused, the Dark Templars snuck around the base killing every Zerlite in sight. They destroyed the base in two hours but lost every one except Vucan and Zark. Vucan was now afraid that they wouldn't be able to destroy the last base. They walked on into the night and in the morning they attacked the base. Zark and Vucan were almost beaten until they called upon Sanzar. He froze time for thirty minutes.

Sanzar spoke, “Here is a tip. You guys didn’t know this, but Zark is half-protoss and so are you, Vucan. When you two were born you were born by a human. You, Vucan, took the form of a Dark Templar while Zark took the form of a human. Now I will slam your bodies at high speeds to form a warlord.†Both Vucan and Zark merged and formed the great warlord Zarcan.

“Now the time has come great warlord Zarcan for peace to return to the universe,†said Sanzar.

Zarcan and Sanzar summoned their awesome powers. A gigantic wave of energy blew the whole entire base away. The only thing they didn’t know was that the Zerlite controlling the rest of the Zerlites was underground waiting. As soon as they walked over the area where the Zerlite was, the Zerlite attacked. Sanzar was taken under with the Zerlite. Zarcan waited for five minutes and up out of the sand came the Zerlite. The Zerlite could talk to Zark without using another life form.

“Humph! He wasn't even a threat to me,†said the Zerlite.

“Why does this have to happen to me! I shall destroy you if it’s the last thing I do.â€

After Zarcan said that a blue wave of energy left the Zerlite’s abdomen and went straight into Zarcan. The energy created a sword in Zarcan’s hands. When this happened, the Zerlite attacked before Zarcan could react. Zarcan received the blow and fell to the ground. He got up; and when he did, he jumped into the sunlight so that the Zerlite couldn’t see him. He threw the sword straight at the Zerlite’s head.

“That’s the end of that,†said Zarcan.

“I shall be back to avenge you; Zarcan never forget that,†said the Zerlite as he died. Zarcan left the planet to go to the Protossian planet. When he arrived, people were out on the streets cheering for Sanzar, but he was dead. Zarcan had to tell the whole storyto the planet, and Zarcan was the hero of the universe. He was still troubled by the words of the Zerlite.

“Will there ever be peace in the universe?†Zarcan thought to himself.



Jan 21, 2003
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im sorry, i couldnt follow the story, it is a bit long, maybe you could make it a novel


Jan 19, 2003
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hmmm kewl story but ya its long you shouldve done part then after a week a another it makes more people wanting to read it if its good


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Oct 2, 2002
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I read it. It was ok, infact, if your a starcraft junkie its automatic youd like it.

I say it needed more naked Elves though :D