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"We're in the process of working on Diablo II content patch 1.13, and we want to try to include the Diablo community's most important changes in our production schedule. To achieve this we're asking for your input on what you'd like to see in this patch. However, we're making it a bit stricter than a full-blown wish list.

If you were to get an advance look at the patch notes for Diablo II 1.13, what is the one patch note you would want to see?

Our goal is to get an overall sense of the single most important request from every member of the community. We want as many posts as we can get for the largest cross section, so if you have friends who used to play Diablo II or just don't frequent the forums as much as you do, let them know this is here so we can get their '#1 patch note' too.

Please be mindful that we're not going to be able to make every change mentioned, but hopefully with your feedback we can prioritize and do our best to cover as much as possible.
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Im going to start playing again when this comes out. Please post the release date when in pops up. Plz and Thx.


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they also said there will be a ladder reset to accomidate the new patch and the reset could be as early as the end of april
We're preparing for a Diablo II ladder reset to coincide with the release of the 1.13 patch that's currently in development. We don?t have a final release date for the patch yet, but we're providing early warning as a reset could occur as early as the end of April. We'll be providing updates with more certain dates once the patch is closer to release.

Please be aware that with a ladder reset all ladder characters are moved to non-ladder. This means that your characters will still be accessible but will no longer have access to ladder-only features and games. In order to play in the new ladder season after the reset you will need to make new ladder characters.

This thread will be updated with more information as it becomes available.


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So yeah, we're still working on the patch. It's coming along really well. We're getting there. I can't give an estimate or date, we're expecting there to be a good amount of testing required due to the types of changes being made. We want to take our time and put out a solid patch, and that means we don't have a release date right now.

Some exciting news - and it also may be some comfort - due to the types of changes we're making we will be offering the Diablo II 1.13 patch for testing and feedback on a test realm before its release. We'll have more information about how you'll be able to help test it in the coming weeks.


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They plan on making the stash bigger
It's coming along. We're still in the process of refining and testing the changes going into the patch. Work is progressing, we haven't stopped working on it or anything like that.

As far as information of what's being changed in the patch, almost anything we're working on now could be removed. Testing could deem any change unworkable and we'd have to remove it. By releasing any information on possible changes we'd be raising expectations that the change is guaranteed to make it in, no matter how many disclaimers we place on it. That said, one change we're planning is to increase the stash size to 12x10. As I said it is in no way a guaranteed change. Any number of reasons could mean it will not make it into the final patch. But enjoy the breadcrumb maybe?
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That's massive, and I'll be playing again with the reset.