Defense or offense?

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Defense or offense?

  1. Defense

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  2. Offense

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    I primarilly go defensive, to let them use as much resorses as possible, but as I expand I tend to take the offensive role. But if I find that the opponent is lacking in skills (not like I have much of that to talk about) I go pure offense.

    I normally make:

    2, 3 bunkers at the enterence with 3 marine 1 firebat ratio. Backed up with a tank behind each bunker with a turret between each.

    I have one Ling burrowed outside of the base as a early warning. At the enterence I have 1, 2 hacheries a sunken behind each with the air defence one (spore colony?... brain fart) 6,12 lings gurading with hydras as backup

    A full line of cannons at enterence, with 1 missing to get troops in and out. 4 Lots and 4 Goons guarding. If needed I make a row of pylons infront of the cannons to slow them down, and to block enterence.

    Each is bached up with their own standard barracks to slow down enemy advancement into my base,