Concerning: [Teh Void this?] Threads

Discussion in 'Roleplayer's Realm' started by bamthedoc, Apr 11, 2006.

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    You may have noticed them looking through this forum. Well. That's why I opened the Elite Plains. I want users to decide what is to be trashed and what is to be moved to the appropriate forum. I hope that those who post in this thread with suggestions have a general feel for each area and are comfortable giving their opinion to the moderator(s) of the Role Player's Realm where they believe something goes.

    With that, please review each thread I've moved here and tell me if [Teh Void this] is approapriate or not. I will listen ;)

    Also... If you see a thread here with no [Teh Void this?] tag next to the title, it is probably just here for archival purposes. If you see a thread that fits the bill for archival puproses rather than maintaining it where it currently is, feel free to tell me. I ask that you keep in mind that moving any threads here automatically removes it from your [post total], ie: this section has no post count permissions.

    Please do not attempt to abuse this and spam here. This is not Teh Void!