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  1. Final Warrior

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    Nov 9, 2002
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    In you, of course.
    My character:
    Name: Final Warrior
    Race: Griffin Warrior
    Class: Warrior
    Age: Unknown
    Height: 6' 00"
    Appearance: Appears in one of four forms:

    Form I: Wearing a black or white cloak with hood, no one has ever seen this form's face.

    Form II: An angel-like form, with a pair of white wings protruding from back. Wears a white tunic, shirt, and a funny looking cap (think link's little cap thingy, except white). Has white hair, extremely pale, and pretty much wears all white. The only thing about the 2nd form that isn't white are his eyes. The shirt is covered by an ancient armor bearing ancient, unreadable runes. This form is more benevolent and friendlier than the others.

    Form III: Devil-like. Much like form II, except with red and black bat's wings, and wearing red and black. Eyes are white. This form is very violent and silent. Is angered by little things, such as spilling a little of his drink. When angered, this form is silent for about a minute. After that minute, anything within a ten foot radius is either A) killed instantaneously, B) Killed in an excruciatingly (sp?) painful way, or C) Maimed, wounded, and mutilated permanently.

    Form IV: The most mysterious of the forms, except for maybe form I. Wears seemingly pure silver armor, but is far, far tougher. This form is always seen with a sword scabbard and shield. The sword's hilt sports 6 large gems (three on each side). From the size of the hilt, the sword's blade must be slightly larger than that of a regular longsword. The shield has four large gems, and the middle one is the largest. The shield is made to be held sideways (think Gundam Wing Zero's shield), with two large spikes protruding from one end.

    History and story is to come later, because I have to get off right now... :(
  2. Ninjastar29

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    May 17, 2003
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    with my katana
    My character:

    Name- Dante Hellfire
    Title- Crimson Warlord
    Age- unknown
    Race- Half human, half demon
    Weapon- the Bloodfang (runeblade)
    Skills- Blade Rage, Blood Cyclone, and Death Swirl

    Bio- Once, long ago, Dante Hellfire was a lieutenant in the army of a distant land. However, he betrayed his country in a mad bid for power. He was defeated (and slain) by his close friend Matthias Gamron. Many years after his defeat, he returned as a vengeful demon. Wreaking vengeance on any who oppose or wrong him, Dante's sword skills and unholy combat skills make him a force to be reckoned with


    Death swirl- a coil of death
    Blood Cyclone- a cyclone of blood rips through the area.
    Blade Rage- Multiple sword slashes over five seconds


    I am going to start a Slayers RPG

    And my character for that is:

    Name- Jake Griffen
    Race- Human
    Age- 30
    Class- Vampire Hunter/detective
    Appearance- Dark blue sunglasses, a hat thats looks like Indiana Jones', trenchcoat, brown pants, black shirt

    Weapons- pistol with silver bullets.
  3. Tacitus

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    Aug 2, 2002
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    A place where there is no dark
    Name: Iankul Mongothsbeard
    Race: Vaati
    Class: Divine Agent

    Spells: (has more outside of that one RPG)
    1. Dominate Air creatues
    2. Word of Law
    3. Storm of Vengeance

    Ultimate: The Mists: become one with the mists, invulnerable for a short time, can still attack

    Appearance: The vaati appear as statuesque humans; tall, muscular, and androgynous. As a rule, they wear no clothing, but usually wear belts or harnesses to carry weapons and equipment. They have smooth, ebony skin, white eyes, and velvet black hair (which is kept closely shaved).

    History: Was a high ranking General in the War of Law and Chaos, he even fought with Miska directly.

    Name: Jamkul Rubymace
    Class: Planar Warrior
    Race: Dracolisk

    Abilities: Fighting abilities coupled with slight magical abilities and control over the planes, and a force that can balance small conflicts.
    Petrifying Gaze: Um, take a guess
    Breath Weapon: Cone or Line of Acid

    Ultimate: Planar Elimination: With a swing of his Blade he sends out waves of pure energy, which sometimes causes rifts in the planes. This power fueld by The First Black Dragon and The First Basilisk.

    Weapon: Planar Blade: double blade, can cut through the very planes, made from both a Basilisk's and Black Dragon's teeth.

    Appearance: The dracolisk is believed to be the offspring of a black dragon and basil-isk. The dracolisk is a very territorial creature, attacking all who come within its domain The dracolisk has deep-brown scales, six legs, and resembles a black dragon in all respects.

    History: Travels the planes seeking out injustices, and annihilating them
  4. bamthedoc

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    Oct 2, 2002
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    North Carolina, USA
    Name: Lunaster
    Race: Archangel
    Class: Destiny Weaver

    Celestial Sword
    Celestial Host
    Word of the Heavens

    Heavens Call: Lunaster calls down his bretheren from the heavens, who focus their powers on him. He will heal all allies before he attacks his enemies with a ferocious rage. It is advised that his allies stay out of his way...

    Appearance: Tall, muscular, and very human like. His silver/gold wings mark him as a warrior of the Heavens. He wears a simple robe, and...oddly, carries a mirror, Destiny Bond. Destiny Bond cannot be removed from his person.

    Weapon: He carries the Sword of the Lunabright when in the Angelic or Demonic realms.

    In legends he is limited to those three spells. He has others when the thread does not give limitations.
  5. DB

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    May 17, 2003
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    Name: Tsukasa
    Race: Human
    Class: Wave Master
    Appereance: My Avatar and sigatar
    Attacks- Has a very, very weak melee attack but extremely powerful magic attack
    Summon Guardian (Summons a guardian to turn the enemy to stone... 1 x per week)
    Energy Wave (Sends a wave of pure energy at the enemy)
    Lightning Wave (Summons lightning to strike enemies)
    Fire Wave (Summons a wave of fire to obliterate enemies)
    Frost Wave (Summons a frost wave to freeze enemies in their tracks)
    Wind Wave (Summons the wind to cut the enemy with concentrated wind blasts)
    Wave Shield (Blocks all magic attacks lasts 10 seconds, 2 x per day)
    Wave Ultimate (Summons a Wave of the four elements wind, water, fire, and lightning and it severly damages enemy if not kills them 1 x per day)

    Wave Staff (Adds a boost to all magic)
    Wave Hat ( Adds a boost to all magic)
    Legendary Wave Master Coat (Extreme boost to magic)
    Wave Shoes (Adds resistance to magic attacks and boost to magic)
    Orb of Legendary Wave Master (Extreme boost to magic)

    ooc: lots a boosts to magic eh?
  6. Final Warrior

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    Nov 9, 2002
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    In you, of course.
    My Character

    There's a 1 day limit on edits?! I thought it was 3 days!... Oh well...
    Final Warrior

    History: Not much is known about him, seeing as he avoids people, unless it is necessary for him to go into a crowd.

    Story: (NOTE: This story was told by a dying man who had a vision about the Final Warrior. No one knows how the man died.)

    "He... he is... he was... lost. Maybe... someone c-can free him f-fr-from his t-t-t-torture... H-h-he... is th-the s-ss-son of a k-k-king of a mighty land. His country... no, h-h-his world was destroyed by an e-ee-e-evil Sha-Sha-Shadow Incarnation's army. He- he has a mighty steed, known as E-eeAARRGGHHHH!!!!"

    (At this point, the man suffered from a horrible spasm, and then he went self-cannibalistic.)

    (I realize this is like history. And I also realize that my story-telling capabilities are horrendous.)

    Notable features:
    1. A scar in the center of his forehead shaped like an this X, except turned sideways, and with what looks to be a blood red ruby embedded in the center.

    2. His Form IV eyes, which seem to be as vivid as a rainbow, and yet dull and grey at the same time.

    Griffin Blade (I'll post it's pic as soon as I can find it)

    Extendable Runic Guantlet Claws (12 inch reach, poisoned)

    Shield: Griffin's Runic War Shield

    Helm: Runic Neo-Adamantium Alloy War Great Helm of the Griffin Warrior

    Main Body Armor: Runic Neo-Adamantium Alloy War Armor of the Griffin Warrior

    Pauldrons: Runic Neo-Adamantium Alloy War Pauldrons of the Griffin Warrior

    Guantlets: Runic Neo-Adamantium Alloy War Gauntlets of the Griffin Warrior

    Greaves: Runic Neo-Adamantium Alloy War Greaves of the Griffin Warrior

    Boots: Runic Neo-Adamantium Alloy War Boots of the Griffin Warrior

    Runic Ward Shielding (ability): decreases fire, ice, lightning, and
    physical attack damage by 15%

    Blade Skillfulness (ability): Increases sword damage on enemies by 5%

    Rupture (Spell): Uses magical energy to rupture (rip apart) target, with 100% kill chance (effects enemies only) (can not be used on stronger creatures, i.e. bosses) (once per 10 battles)

    Change (ability, although you could also call it a curse): Changes Final Warrior into 1 of 4 forms (depends on circumstances) (cannot change into current Form, i.e. cannot go from Form 1 to Form 1)

    Healing Field (Spell): Creates a healing field that recuperates all party members (assuming that there are any at all) 50% of CURRENT health, cures poison (once per battle)

    Ultimate Spell: Apollyon's Ancient Runic Wrath:
    The Final goes spastic for a certain amount of time. During this time all his forms meld together to form an uber-being: The Giga Warrior. In this form, he has the ability to entirely rupture anything's atoms. (can only be activated when Final Warrior is near death, when everyone in his party is dead/near death, and when his morale is really, really low.)

    Special Note: It turns out that the Final Warrior has a mysterious Form V, and that he does have a companion. What the Form is and who and what the companion is, no one knows (yet again!)

    I think that this is enough I'll post the pic of the sword and shield sometime, and I MIGHT post the pics of the armor.
  7. Ninjastar29

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    May 17, 2003
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    with my katana
    New Character

    My new character:

    Denan Frostlance the orc
    (like an orc from Warcraft not LOTR)

    appearance- green skinned with red war paint. Brown leather armor and a skull cap.
    He carries a huge spear

    War Cry- Allies can do more damage
    Lunge- Powerful spear strike
    Bloodlust- Frenzied attack

    This orc is a complete enigma.
    Hailing from parts unknown, he ranges the world seeking combat. He often rushes into foolhardy duels but his brute strength and cunning intellect allow him to win. He comes to a new land in search of more powerful opponents. It would appear he has found some. He also did not expect comrades, but that is what happened...


    My character for the Mafia RPG:
    Name: Jason Carriere "The Handyman"
    Age: 28
    Weapons: Colt 1911 45 ACP, knucklebuster x2, Carpenter's Hammer
    Weight of Weapons: 37 (max 50)
    Famous For: Ability to wire bombs and fix weapons, smashing stuff with hammers all the time.
    Jason comes from another city. He was known for having a penchant for smashing things. He could also wire bombs and fix various weapons. He comes to Young City to relieve boredom. With the war going on between the Italian and Russian mafia, h'e gonna get plenty of action.
    Appearance: Long black trench coat over painter's overalls. Brass knuckles on hands, even when he sleeps.
  8. Keldramir

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    Jul 17, 2003
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    Okinawa, Japan
    My character is from a few stories that I wrote and blended with my old Ranger from Everquest...
    I've always had this name, I love it!
    Ok here goes...


    Name: Keldramir Eladrasar (Keld for short)
    Class: Ranger
    Race: Half-Elf (Father was human, mother was wood elf)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Spells: Skin like Nature, Spirit of Wolf, Trueshot
    Skills: Track, Bind Wounds, Camoflauge, Swift Strike, Dodge
    Natural Abilities: Enhanced senses, Atomic binding , Lightfoot
    Appearance: 5'7", long dark hair, hazel eyes, small/medium build
    Equipment: Ivy Etched Mithril Tunic, Windcaller Scimitar, Swiftblade Scimitar, Darkwood Longbow

    Biography: Keld's parents were true lovers, and Keld's father Elad (short for Eladramir), would do anything for his wife, Keld's mother, Arowin. His undying love for her brought him is death. He sacrificed his life for her her's. The death of Keld's father brought much pain to Keld. He sought refuge in the wild at the age of 13. He sooned learned the basic skills needed to live in the woods. Soon his skill would be tested. On a foggy night, when the moon was hidden by dark clouds, shadows approached. Orc pawns had set camp only a few miles away on the bank of a nearby river. An orc scout spotted the gleam of Keld's campfire. The other orcs were alerted and Keld was forced to defend himself with his withered oak bow and splintered arrows. Yet he escaped a savage death. Fortunately, a pack of Elven Rangers were tracking the pawns and saved Keld. They were impressed by his bravery and skill in battle. He quickly embraced the Elves as family. The Rangers recognized Keld's ability to learn quickly and trained him as a Ranger. By the time he was 18 years old, he was a seasoned Ranger and was highly sought out for his skill. Keld's past is very fragile, and he often awakes to nightmares of things that aren't earthly. His rough life has toughened him and brought him rare abilities. Keld discovered an ability that was rare among his world. He could somehow bind with matter. He found that he could climb trees with ease and cling to the sides of a house. His hands were the only parts of his body that could accomplish the feat, but with his dextrous legs and arm muscles, he could climb up obstacles, or down them with ease.


    Definitions of...

    Skin like Nature- Gives Keld nature like skin with the defense compared to mitrhil (causes minor pain / lasts for a few hours depending on how badly he is beaten).
    Spirit of Wolf- Raises Keld's run/walk speed, attack speed, and reaction time (lasts 10 minutes, used every 1 hour).
    Trueshot- Grants Keld a deadly aim for one shot (for 4 seconds he is rendered blind as his eyes readjust).

    Bind Wounds- Heal minor wounds with the use of herbs.
    Track- ability to analyze his surroundings and track down his target.
    Camoflauge- ability to blend in with his surroundings leaving him basically invisible.
    Swift Strike- Deadly combination of swift slashes and jabs
    Dodge- Keld's quick reaction time allows him to dodge 25% of all attacks from in front of him.

    Super skill
    Sylvann Rage- Keld is enhanced in his senses and strength and becomes very fast. His aim becomes lethal and his strike deadly. Lasts for 3 minutes, after 3 minutes, Keld is left in a critical state and often unconcious.

    Natural Abilities
    Enhanced senses- Keld has enhanced senses, especially his sight. He has infravision which allows him to see better in the dark.
    Atomic binding- Ability to cling to items, such as a tree or rough wall with little trouble.
    Lightfoot- Keld's small form and light weight allows him to tread lightly, leaving no tracks and allowing him to stand on snow, tree branches, on top of huge enemies with little difficulty. The downfall is that he is easibly picked up or tossed.


    I'm not sure what else I need. I hope my character is cool enough! :) BTW Keldramir and Eladrasar are MY names! No stealing please! mine..mine.....;)

    I am glad I got my char going, now a story to jump into or make...


    Here are some names I made up that people can use if they can't figure any out:

  9. D.F.I.

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    44 Francis St Marrickville Syd
    Name: Draknor Friarband
    Race: Unknown (was conceived by an experiement)
    Class: Ranger/Beast Summoner/Necromancer
    Spells: Summon Vampiric Bears, Sniper shot, Death Stare
    Skills: Raise Dead, Death's touch, Multi-Arrows, Beast control
    Abilties: Mind Read
    Age: 501
    Height: 250cm

    History: Unknown.

    Appearance: Has black hair, sticks in all directions. Wears full body armour.

    Weapon: Sword Of Voulous-it is a sword carved from the stones of hell. It has great demonic powers that will consume a unworthy person's soul.
    Armour: Blax's Armour-a very powerful armor that can withstand the power of the sword.
  10. Guest

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    Jun 28, 2003
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    New york
    parentson Thorn and Xelfga
    Resistances:Immune to ice
    weaknesses:vulnerable to fire


    primary: wf bow:p with arrows
    Secondary: spear/javalin
    Third:Twin swords that have been passed down. Great mystical power is held in these.


    accuracy piont: can shoot at top accuracy
    Multi shot:Can shoot up to 3 arrows at 1 time.
    Frozen Darts:Summons extremly sharp ice cyrstals
    Java ice:Shoots a ice cysrtal on a enemy and spliting on i pact between enimies
    Sword skill: For a litimed time he can use varouis combs of great strenght


    A standard hard breast plate


    Xlfga comes from a long line of kings. He is heir to his father's (Torn)throne. Swarn to protect his kingdom he is noble, brave and kind-hearted.
  11. DigitalElite

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    Jul 16, 2003
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    Name: Krislimith
    Race: Human
    Class: Swordsman
    Abilities: evode (1x a week)
    blue light (3x every two days)
    call of the wild (unlimited use)
    healing (used only when near death, and once per battle)
    beastly transformation (unlimited use)
    Height: 5' 9"
    Weight: 146
    Light Blonde Hair, Green eyes with specks of blue, caucasian. wears an armour chest plate, with tan pants with a dagger at waist level.
    Weapons: as i said dagger (used as a last resort), 3' long sword stored on his back

    ~--Description of abilities--~

    evode- when Krislimith strikes the ground with his sword the earth rumbles and cracks in a five foot radius knocking out all enemies surrounding him. cant be used in a one on one battle.

    blue light- when Krilimith calls upon the blue light attack his sword turns blue and gives an extra boost of power to his sword allowing him to pierce through any armour.

    healing- this as stated can only be used when Krislimith is near death. This ability restores 45% of his health.

    call of the wild- used out of battle, can be used when a distraction is called when traveling by stealth in the forest, jungle, or around any wild life.

    beastly transformation- used to turn into an underwater creature native to the water around him. Can be used only when in water
  12. Guest

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    New york
    class:peasent/axe swinger
    Resistances:Immune to thunder
    weaknesses:vulnerable to ice


    primary: Axe of the Despair
    Secondary: Throwing axe
    Third:Two one handed axes


    Thunder's regien:Summons a tremondously strong lighting attack on his side
    Frezeny:His speed attack quadtroples
    Axe cast:Takes his current axe and tumps it on the floor making a strong earthquake
    Pint piont accuracy: En sures a hit.


    A lendary armor witch he stole from the king of one of the strongest tribes of drwaves


    Thorn was a peasent for clan Potn. He was so enraged the way the king treated himself and the peasents around him so one day he decided to steal all of the king's lengendary weapons( the ones he uses) and run.
  13. Akela

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    My WarCraft character:

    Kyuzo Grape-Wrath

    Vital Statistics

    RACE: Pandaren
    CLASS: Brewmaster
    AGE: 42 yrs
    HEIGHT: 7'0"
    WEIGHT: 275 lbs


    Kyuzo's parents were tenant farmers on the fief of K'ung T'o, a great lord of Pandaria. During the conflict between Lord K'ung and a coalition of would-be usurpers, Kyuzo's family and most of his village met their unhappy end in a surprise blitz raid. But the cub Kyuzo survived—his family had hidden him in a keg of rice wine and dumped him in the river. He floated downstream and into a lowland swamp, where the mysterious hermit and sage known as P'u-Tzu rescued and raised him. Master P'u raised Kyuzo, training him in martial arts and introducing him to the wonderful world of liquid intoxicants.

    Shortly after Kyuzo turned 12, P'u-tzu died peacefully and naturally of old age. Kyuzo then began touring the cities of Pandaria, supporting himself through demonstrations of acrobatics and martial arts in disreputable alehouses. Kyuzo resolved to leave Pandaria at age 17 due to a failed romance in the capital city, the details of which are hazy because Kyuzo likes them that way.

    Kyuzo sailed to Durotar in Kalimdor, where he studied music and philosophy under the tutelage of various Orcish and Tauren holy men. Here he met the Shaman Rainskar Zapfang, of the Warsong Clan. Zapfang sent Kyuzo on his vision quest at age 19. Returning from the quest, Kyuzo discovered to his consternation that Zapfang had been slain fighting quillboars of the Duskpork Tribe. But rather than taking revenge as the Clan elders encouraged, Kyuzo managed to engineer a peace settlement between the Warsong and the Duskpork, the first in recorded history between greenskins and quillboars.

    Kyuzo stayed in Durotar long enough to complete his knowledge of Orky fungus brewing. Since then he has traveled through Alliance territory, seeking to fight the greatest masters and sample the finest liquors of each new land he visits. He has worked as a beekeeper in Human rural settlements, a ranger for the Dwarven stronghold of Baldmek, and a children's entertainer in Jaina Proudmoore's Kalimdor capital.

    Combat Skills

    MARTIAL ARTS: Kyuzo is the only known master of P'u-Fu Drunken Boxing. Kyuzo's mentor P'u-tzu developed and perfected this innovative style, which resembles older Pandaren drunken fighting styles but incorporates diverse elements of other soft martial arts.
    BREATH OF FIRE: Focusing and igniting his chi, Kyuzo breathes a cone of fire to scorch his foes. Kyuzo likes to combine this attack with a preliminary dousing of his trademark Brand X liquor for fiery results. However, the chi burn is physically and mentally stressful on Kyuzo, so he cannot fire off multiple Breaths in quick succession.
    STORM, EARTH, AND FIRE: Kyuzo's ultimate technique. He splits into a trinity of elemental pandas with specialized tactical skills. If any of the three survive for six minutes, Kyuzo is reborn. Unfortunately Kyuzo cannot afterwards remember what goes on during these six minutes.

    Weapons & Equipment

    Kyuzo Grape-Wrath wears a flat conical hat, a black robe with gold trim, and a bizarre Dwarven contraption on his back which involves a barrel and a lot of pipes. A simple metal band adorns one finger. He is also known to carry an ornate bone mask, a pair of shamanic claws, a leaf-shaped dagger, and a bamboo cane.


    "I come not to take the Holy Grail, but to fill it."
  14. Tacitus

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    A place where there is no dark
    this is a prestige class character for D&D that i found, trying it out in our little world with a bit of a Tacitus Twist...

    Name: May Sheckeb
    Race: Angel
    Class: Holy Avenger

    The Holy Avenger (extremely powerful Holy longsword)
    Foolsmiter: a huge sledgehammer which van draw its power from any of energy source (fire, sonic, ice, water, electricity, holy, unholy)
    Angelic Splice: see akule's charatcer: Hero, this sword basically functions like Dak`kon's blade from Planescape Torment (according to Akule) in times of dire need (at Akule's discretion) the soul of Hero bursts forth from Splice to lend his aid.
    Animus Caritas: A gift from Cloud (which was a gift from the Smith). It can take on any element you wish, but May channels the burning fire of her love for Trias into it, along with her holy energies, creating a bright blue flame.

    A small cross shaped Gem with a design carved upon it, known as the Gem of the Soul's Endless Love. Among many thing, it offers resistance against poisons, on top of her already superb resistance. Protects against fear. Grants immunity against Piercing attacks (that whole thing with piercing the heart...) and all the knowledge that Trias once had.

    Undead Turning: can strike fear in undead, also can destroy (one hit KO), except its a bit harder

    Detect Undead: uh, the can detect Undead within a mile to their exact location

    Divine Soul: If she dies, she cannot be raised through necromancy, only a pure soul with good intentions can bring her back, and only with her permission

    Holy Weapon: grants Holy energies to her weapon, hits better and harder (stacks with bonuses already on weapon) (unlimited)

    Holy Touch: Any touch by the Avenger (or if the undead strikes the avenger) causes light damage as if Holy Water were thrown on the undead. Also, the touch of the avenger can be used as a laying on of hands to heal damage on allies. This is a supernatural ability. (unlimited or 5/day)

    Holy Countenance: The Avenger may spend one round praying to activate this ability which only works against undead. The Holy Avenger gets a bonus against all undead and necromatic spells. Lesser undead are automatically turned if they reach within 10 feet. Greater undead are not affected but become much slower and weaker. If they come into contact with the Avenger, they must make the same save or suffer heavy damage. (3/day)

    Holy Purity: Any special attacks made by evil or undead creatures, such as Level Drain or Mind Control automatically fail, with the combined power of her Gem she now has the ability to stop all poisons in any target and posions have no or little effect on her. (magic or otherwise)

    Angelic touch: Has a wide range of effects
    Fear the Reaper: Gives large bonuses against undead
    All divine spells

    Ultimate: The Duty of the Soul: May calls upon both the dtrength of her god, and the love of Trias. The area grows dark and then explodes in red, white, and blue lights. All who carry ill thoughts against May have their souls pierced with a holy flame, and then the spark of life is snuffed out. Against those who have no soul or are unaware of May (and she chooses so) they are hewn straight through and burst into flames.

    Appearance: Tall slender female with (odd for a heavenly being) dark brown hair. Her hair is lined with small diamonds, as are her wings. Usually wears a pure white dress that comes down to about her knees, usually has her hair in a ponytail. She has a small burn on the left side of her face in the shape of a tear running down from the corner of her eye, as if forever in mourning.

    History: During the times before the War, she trained in the art of fighting through many different sources, mainly under the close watch of the Guardians. She was shunned by her trainers after disgracing their order with a bastard son of one of the higher ranking Guardians, though she refused to reveal his name. For many years she yearned to find a place in existance where she could provide for her son, but finding no feasable option, she left him in the hands of an odd old man somewhere in the Material Plane for safe keeping. Her only goals in life are to erradicate evil and the undead scourge, and to track down the father of her son, through any means possible. At the Battle of the Angel's Destiny she used her ultimate ability for the first time, but also she recieved a small Gem, though she knew not how or why. In the aftermath of using Divine Intervention, a single tear that was upon her cheek burned itself itno her skin, a mark of her unknown mourning for all time. Shortly after the Battle of the Angel's Destiny, Hero gave unto May not only his sword, Angelic Splice, but his soul within the sword. This also signifies that she is now a ruler of sorts, and she has a group of 4 legionairs to aid her in battle, which she leave on the side lines most of the time. (not entirely clear on this part, need to talk to akule a bit more)

    i would like comments on this particular character, but don't post them here, cause i'll split 'em if you do (i should split a few things from this thread...), just PM them to me, or try to catch me on AIM (TheCorpseyRemix or Corpseminion if you didn't know...)
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    Name: Zarut
    Race : Nakat
    Class: shapeshifter/swordsman (except for one form)
    Wepon: 2 Darmuns (Just like the DH's swords only blue)
    Element: Ice
    Transformx2: transforms him into a physical bieng
    Transformx4: x2 his strenth and can summon anything that is less than 2/5 his power
    Transformx8: Muscular build. no wepon absorbs his in ths back sao he has spikes though. strongest form but no skills cept for transform x16
    Transformx16: his best form is 5/8 of x8's power. and ultimate spells like clone, and absorb power (only like 25%) and revert to any form. (after he transforms into thisall forms have revert to any form).
    Apperence: only gonna say x2 and reg form:
    regular form: translucent figure who can only hold items and wepons. Blue hair and muscular build with a mark on his right arm saying his name. but cant be attacked or attack in this form and basicly is the DH :) but royal blue/red

    x2: black demon with horns CAN be attacked and can hold anything. The rest is Reg
    NOTE: has a 10 minute transforming cooldown and cannot be in reg form in battle
  16. TheNamelessYam

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    Feb 28, 2003
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    name: baldwick
    gender: male
    race: elf
    class: elven mage
    age: 4000

    appearance: 6' 3" with long white hair, wrinkled face, white colored eyes and a long black cloak. often mistaken as a dark sorcerer.

    equiptment: baldwick is a powerful mage. he rides a powerful horse that can run for days without getting tired. he as well as his horse do not wear armor regularly, but when going on journeys, and venturing in dangerous areas, he wears thin armor which can easily be carried, but can also stop even the sharpest arrows. the most unique piece of equiptment on him would be his staff. its a very powerful staff made out of a material unknown to all. it has magic symbols engraved onto it, giving him power to cast particular spells. the most mysterious thing about the staff is only baldwick can use it. if any others use it, the staff will be nothing but a stick.

    abilities: with the staff, baldwich can do many things. he can hit the enemy with the staff which isnt effective, or he can casts spells. baldwick has been known for his power with electricity, and fire. he also can freeze things, but not as effectively as he can burn or shock objects. also, baldwick has been known to be able to slam the ground with his staff, making a semi-powerful earthquake in the direction he points the head of his staff. he has also been known to heal small wounds, and be able to withdraw poisen from a persons blood..

    breif history:

    grown and raised in a castle, he had learned many things from his father, who was a very poor but wise old merchant. but when his father was killed for something he hadn't done, baldwick in anger had fled the castle and ran into the nearby forests, and stayed there for thousands of years, slowly, he began to communicate with the forest, and learn things others did not. he protected the forest with his life, and as a present, the forest had granted him the finest of horses and a staff of mysterious power.

    (the history sucks, but oh well, ill fix it later)


    name: unknown (people just call him the dwarf)
    race: dwarf
    class: dwarven war general
    age: 43

    appearance: 3' 9" with a long brown beard and brown eyes. can be considered very unattractive with all the food caught in his beard, and the fact that he never showers can also be very unattractive. his arm muscles however bulge to about double the the size of a human swordsman's

    weapon: extremely heavy and large hammer. capable of cracking and even knocking the enemies skull clean off. but the hammer can be VERY slow. also has a semi-short sword attached to his breast plate.


    ground smash: the dwarf holds the hammer with both hands, and smashes to ground with all his might. most enemies cant hold their ground during this time, and fall over, temporarily giving the dwarf time to run in and attack without getting wounded bad or if not wounded at all. the dwarf cant use this attack too often because it tires the dwarf out, making his hits after that weaker.

    hammer throw: the dwarf throws his axe with all his might at the enemy with deadly pinpoint accuracy. this attack has been known to smash in some enemies skulls. but if there are multiple enemies, this wouldnt be a good attack because he has to run and grab his hammer before he can further damage any other enemies. this attack cant be used often because it tires out the dwarf and makes the attacks after that weaker.

    thunder hammer: the dwarf yells at the top of his lungs to the sky, clouds will then start forming and swirling around right above his hammer, and a powerful thunder bolt will come out of the middle of the clouds and strike the hammer. the hammer is then filled with the power of that thunder bolt. now the dwarf can do one of two things, he can aim the hammer at an enemy and the bolt will be redirected out of the hammer at the enemy, or the dwarf can throw the hammer, smashing the enemies skull, and bursting an electric shock all throughout the inside of the enemies body. because of this extremely powerful attack, the dwarf becomes useless in combat for up to 12 hours after.

    burst of rage: causes the dwarf to put down his hammer, take off his armor, pull out his semi-short sword, and slice at the enemies with unimaginable speed. doesnt do a whole lot of damage, and makes him extremely vulnerable, but the speed makes up for it.

    calls of the wild: the dwarf has several skills with different kinds of calls that effect wild enemies around him such as wolves. he can lure, as well as scare them away with his different calls.

    equiptment: the dwarf has a very simple, heavy, powerful set of equipment. as said earlier, he carries a massive hammer, and a semi-short sword on his breast plate.. he also has a thick helmet on made of pure steel. he wears a very thick breast plate, with plates attached to it that cover his legs as well as his arms. he carries a shield attached to the back of the breast plate which he takes off and holds when needed. although he is very hard to kill, and is stronger then nearly any other dwarf on the planet, his weakness would be in speed.

    breif history:

    the dwarf was raised in a dwarvern fortress during a time of great war. when he turned 10 he was sent out to war for the first time, and took out nearly 5 full sized full armored men (which was very amazing for his age). his father was a powerful and wise general, andd was not a coward. he went into every battle, and when the dwarf was 20 years old, his father died in combat. to avenge his death, the dwarf took his spot and at one point won the war. there was a great party after the war, and after it, the guards were too drunk to be aware that an attack was well on its way. later that night, everyone in the fortress was quietly slain. but the dwarf's room was locked and hidden. when the dwarf had finally come to raelize what happened, he fled the fortress and wandered the world for adventures, hoping one day he'd find somewhere to settle.
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    Honolulu, Hawaii
    Name: Hero
    Age: Unknown... (looks old)
    Race: Unknown

    Residence: A huge under ground cavern filled with relics of a land far in the past
    Class: Tactician/Fighter

    Height: 6'7''

    Weight: Unknown (skinny)

    Known For: His tendency to smoke one up during battle.

    Weapons: Splice, a powerfull black sword of some sort made of foreign metal. Its origin is unkown.

    Appearence: A long blue glowing scar on his left cheek and one on his lip. Parts of his shoulders, chest, and stomach are missing (from the immense powers of the sword), and are replaced by black rubber of unknown origin.

    Equipment: Splice Stick, Sapling (An attachment to splice, that when fused, creates a black gooey unbreakable substance that coats the users body. Greatly reduces speed, accuracy and mobility.) a Splice Stick, a small needle-like attachment to splice that, when fused with splice, makes it a ranged weapon of lesser power.

    Tap: Taps into the inner power of the darkness of Hero's heart, or the pureness of his soul. Both are nearly two people, both are just as mysterious

    Soul Morph: Depending on his mood and who he is tapped into, he can transform into a number of creatures and people.
    --------Inner Demon--------
    • Must be in dark tap
    • transforms him into a huge hulking beast of pure shadows. It attacks using mind tricks and hallucinations, contrary to its look

    --------Inner Sanctium--------
    • Must be in light tap
    • Transforms him into an average sized, very skinny man of pure white energy. He attacks however, with a purified form of Splice, and his swords manship is unmatched

    --------Plant Tap--------
    • Any tap
    • Transforms him into a black huge tree-like creature, if in dark tap, or into a fast, small tree like creatue if in light

    • Any Tap
    • Transforms him into a small tiny sapling of immense energy powers. Cannot be touched by anything without instant death following, unless they are of great magical powers. Only one person has every survived touching the Sapling.

    --------Sword Form--------
    • Dark Tap
    • Merges Hero and Splice, creating a sword that only the most expert of magicians and clerics can use. Very strong blade that procures almost instant death from the slice of.

    --------Armor Form--------
    • Light Tap
    • Merges Splice and Hero, creating a white brilliant armor useable by any non magical creature.

    --------Steed Form--------
    • Any tap
    • Transforms hero into a large wingged steed.

    A tactical expert, Hero, as he is called, joined the war out of no where, and was soon recruited for the cruesades. His militant genious is uncanny, though most dont know it. He does not talk, and keeps to himself. His large black shiney metal weapon is of a forgein technology, powered by his blood lust and hunger. It is a sword of powers very few can control, and when fueled by the darkest of hearts, or purests of souls, it becomes a weapon capable of almost anything. He is endlessly searching for the attachments for Splice, and to find a way to break the curse that is slowly killing him. He cannot talk, and uses an immense ammount of power to speak through his sword... which leaves him weakened, though he doesnt show it.
  18. Wing Zero

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    Name: Matthias


    Race: Human/Demon (1/2)

    Class:Dark Worrior Apprentiac

    Apperence: almost like naran

    Wepons:Bow Of Darkness, Dark Armor

    Abilities: (training cut short)
    Dark Arrow-unlimited supplu of arrows

    History:Like his older brother Naran hes is a Dar Worrior but his training was incomplete b/c of there other brother
  19. Tidus

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    The RPR
    Ok, I have made a new choice. I've listened to you, and decided to fix my character. Here is the new Cloud Strife-

    Name:Cloud Strife
    Weight:200 Lb.
    Element: Lightning

    Current Level:1
    Main Stats:

    Description: Tall, and very muscular. Always wears his armor. Long dark hair. (not in sig./avatar on account that those are pics of Protoss Zealot, even if that is basically how I look)

    Weapon:Lightning Blades (energy weapons, look at full body sigatar pic for example)

    Equipment:Full body armor,Lightning Blades,various potions,scrolls,items,etc..

    1.Lightning-Self-explanatory, strikes opponent with lightning blast (20 MP)
    2.Lightning 2nd level-level 2 of Lightning-available only after level 5 (45 MP)
    3.Lightning 3rd level-level 3 of Lightning-available only after level 10 (60 MP)
    4.Mega Lightning Final Level-Strongest Lightning attack-available only after level 20 (75 MP)
    5.Power Shield-increases shield and reduce damage-power increases with level (25 MP)
    6.Tracking-Increses tracking skill for a certain duration (30 MP)
    7.Heal-Gives target a certain amount of health (10 MP)

    Special Skills:
    1.Invulnerablility-Turn he and all those around him invulnerable for a short time(aprox.30 seconds) (uses 50 essence power)
    2.Speed up- Makes Cloud extremely fast for a short amount of time (aprox. 2 min.) (uses 40 essence power)
    3.Lightning Blast- Shoots a strong bolt of lightning at the opponent (uses 25 essence power)
    4.Teleport-Moves Cloud some distance instantly, great for scouting. (uses a mere 10 essence power)
    5.Portal-Teleports Cloud and all party members who wish to go to certain locations (essence power usage depends on distance, anywhere between 50-500 or more) (used to teleport long distances to towns/monuments/special sites/etc.)

    Natural Abilities:
    1.Can see well in the dark
    2.Can see far
    3.Light-Footed, so makes almost no noise.
    4.Can track anything. His tracking skills improve as he uses them.
    5.Telepathic Communication

    Special Attacks:
    1.Dark Slash-Deal greater than normal damage to the opponent.
    2.Double Slice-Attacks opponent twice
    3.Drain Blade-Steals health from an opponent (amount grows as Cloud gets stronger)
    4.Lightning Cut-Strikes opponent multiple times with growing strength
    5.Omnislash-Very powerful form of Lightning Cut. Same as on FF7 basically

    Bio: His father was a Human Ranger, and the man who taught Cloud his tracking skills. His mother was a High Elf Mage/Bladeswoman and taught him his more “elven†skills, along with some simple magic spells that he uses often to both kill foes and remind him of Mom. Both of his parents were killed in a war against forces of Evil, and he has sworn to defend his and their honor by fighting all forces of darkness.

    How's that for a character?
  20. spawnofscutter

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    Occupation:Nerevarine(messiah of the fantasy world of Morrowind)
    Abilties:Being able to start a fight with anyone.
    Bio:Wandered around for a while, then discovered I was the Nerevarine, and saved the world.:fwink
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