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    Has anyone else been following the Starleague in the past few months?

    Last Friday's 3 - 0 defeat of UpMagic by Jaedong was positively embarrassing.

    In game 2, which you can watch here, UpMagic lost probably the most advantageous TvZ match OSL has seen in a very long time. It's best to watch it yourself to get the full effect, but with a very small amount of Mutalisks Jaedong completely turned around the game with UpMagic sporting massive amounts of M&M production, packs of wraiths picking off overlords, and a much more established nat expansion.

    Here are the links to the entire series:
    Up vs. Jaedong @ Persona
    Up vs. Jaedong @ Blue Storm
    Up vs. Jaedong @ Fantasy II

    The next match in the tournament is going to be a PvP match of the two highest ranked players in all of KeSPA, stork and Bisu. Bisu recently defeated saviOr, the maestro of Zerg, possibly the best current player in all of Starcraft progaming, who happens to sport the best ZvP in the world. Bisu was recently upset and defeated by Mind, a little known Terran player in the MSL Season 3 Finals. He's still ranked #1 in the world, and expect him to be coming to his game with stork completely pissed and ready to take his title back. (stork was also upset by Mind in MSL, as was saviOr.)