You Know Who You Are

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    You know who you are
    by: Vincent Haoson

    Eyeing you in the corner,
    wishing it was me
    your affection, your love
    is all I wanted to be

    yet deep inside I know
    things will never go straight
    a life with you
    is going against fate

    your smile, your laughter
    is all i go after
    your sweet summers kiss
    i'll forever miss

    the times we had together
    i know ill forever treasure
    whatever happens in the future
    at least what we had was sure

    bitterness follows my path
    i dont know how long it'll last
    all I know is that
    im happy at least you're having a blast

    goodbye is goodbye
    forever is forever
    if love is forever
    is forever, goodbye?

    we may never know the answer
    till that day comes a-calling
    when one is fed up
    while the other walks away...