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  1. Ok now after the movie twilight has been released a major threat has boiled itself up upon many RPing servers, it has hit hardest on moonguard... I am talking of course about vampire RP, I can not count how many times i have seen a guild formed for it, or a players annoying other players in taverns or inn's about it. So RP'ers both horde and alliance... we have to band together to stop the vampire RPers from getting more and more popular or else RP servers will be changed to Vampire RP servers, and all of our decent RP will

    be thrown into chaos... If you have seen the South Park episode "The ungroundable" then you will know how fast it has been spreading on moon guard more and more "Covens" have been popping up all over the place. We must work towards eliminating all Vampire RP across the servers, so thats why i propose we "Grief them off" if we do that they may leave the server. So the best time to grief vampire RP'ers is at night, Alliance side check the crypts by the cathedral of light, horde side check anywhere dark that not alot of players go to. We must end this now people!

    EDIT: Remember to bump and comment, we need to work together to beat this. Also stop your stupid little comments about getting rid of RP altogether or saying RP is dorky. We play WoW how we play it, you play it your way.
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    I'll grab the garlic.